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Jun 16, 2009 09:03 PM

Help! Stockbridge Lunch, 11 yr boy, + a Veggie

Hi all,

I'm meeting a friend for lunch June 25th in Stockbridge, and need a place where an 11 year old boy and a vegetarian (me) could manage to find food. The boy spends summers in France, so is perhaps able to go beyond PB&J.

When I searched the Board, these are names that stood out to me, but I don't know if all of them do lunch. Perhaps I needed to ask the search engine in a different manner.

If these do not do lunch, do you have any suggestions? Any ethnicity is fine. Many thanks!

Once Upon a Table
Elm Street Market
Red Lion Inn

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  1. My personal choice would be Once Upon A Table, which definitely does lunch. As well as a few hot items there are good salads, usually a quiche, and profiteroles to die for. It's a tiny pleasan tplace right in town on Main Street, and quite sophisticated in a very unassuming way. (Can you tell it's a favorite?) Can be crowded although probably not so much on a Thursday. For atmosphere and centrality the Red Lion Inn is also good, although I don't like the food as well. On the other hand, if the courtyard is open for lunch and it's a nice day, you would certainly enjoy eating outdoors. Elm Street Market is what it is, I wouldn't recommend it for your lunch. Viva is very good food, and opposite the Norman Rockwell Museum on Route 183 so if you were visiting the museum AND Viva were open for lunch that might suit you. Rouge is NOT open for lunch and is in West Stockbridge anyway, not the same town. If you want to get Stockbridge flavor (not too much of a pun intended) go to Once Upon A Table or outside at the Red Lion Inn and be sure to follow with a piece of chocolate or a tiny cup of sipping chocolate at Peace, Love & Chocolate, right next to OUAT. Talk about summers in France, or Paradise!

    1. What about Truc Orient Express (Vietnamese)? I liked the place when they were in Hartford and when I went a couple of summers ago in W.Stockbridge it was just as good. Doesn't seem to ever get mentioned in these Stockbridge threads.

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        Truc is not what is was many years ago, plus I don't think it's open for lunch. Also, as the Tsarina mentioned, W. Stockbridge is a ways from Stockbridge. I haven't tried Once Upon A Table, but of the list that's where I'd go. The Red Lion has atmosphere but not much re: food. Was taken there last month and I would swear that the eggplant rollatini some at my table had were the same you get at any of the local supermarkets; i.e. frozen food.
        Unfortunately, my experience that day at Peace Love & Chocolate was not good & I wouldn't return. A number of us bought individuals candies from different chocolatiers, and all were stale.

        1. re: mjoyous

          How awful! Can't imagine what might have happened, usually the stuff is great (although we're more into the tiny sipping chocolate than the eating chocolates). We haven't been to Joshua's Chocolate Springs in Lenox in a while. Does that still hold up?

      2. Thank you all so much for the help! I am looking forward to a lovely day, and will surely eat well with your advice.