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Jun 16, 2009 08:47 PM

Williamsburg - Hotel Delmano and Vutera Restaurant

Anyone been to either of these places. Please give feedback. Also, can anyone recommend romantic restaurant in Williamsburg? Thanks.

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  1. I have been to Hotel Delmano a couple, three, times but not recently. I feel there is a disconnect between the prices being asked and the location. That is really what gets me about Delmano. The cocktails were nothing special. You could find better for a similar price in Manhattan (less $ at certain cocktail dens).

    They don't offer the same range of cocktails, but The Richardson on Graham is my preference for a well made traditional cocktail in Williamsburg.

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    1. re: dhs

      Hotel Delmano is very romantic (sit in the middle room: dark, usually quiet). Their cocktail menu is interesting and revolves. It's not cheap, but it's nice to go once and awhile for a special occasion. I would like The Richardson more if the room decor didn't remind me of an upscale TGIFriday's.

      I haven't been to Vutera yet, but have heard good things.

      1. re: malibu

        Sorry if I missed the OP directon if the post was getting at what is romantic in a gin joint, Delmano would be it.

        I don't really care too much about the atmosphere, it is all about the booze ;). Delmano does get the edge for atmosphere and as Malibu noted it can be much more private and less bar like, which is how I would describe The Richardson. Not sure if it is really upscale of anything, lol. Delmano has outdoor seating, The Richardson was working on a backyard but I have never seen it.

    2. Vutera restaurant is an underground gem. You enter the doors to Rose Wine Bar and can enjoy a predinner cocktail, or head straight down the stairs to the Italian Wine Bistro oasis that is Vutera.

      The atmosphere is perfect for:
      intimate friends (small tables in beautiful wood, with perfect lighting hanging overhead),
      romantic dates (wine specials, complete with your Italian host/hostess to tell you all about it)
      or a special celebration (two long tables can comfortably sit 10- 12 people as well as large dishes of mussels, lasagna or duck for you to enjoy family style.)

      The food is delicious. The size/atmosphere is intimate. And you can go back upstairs after the meal and enjoy live music from around the world.

      I highly recommend it!