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Jun 16, 2009 08:11 PM

Where to buy Daiya vegan cheese?

I've read a blog talking about a few LA restaurants offering this product and how it is noteworthy. Have you tried it? Know where to buy it?

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  1. We had it on pizza from Cruzer Pizza and, unfortunately, it seemed to us that they put way too much on the pizzas so next time we know to ask for them to go easy with the "cheese".
    It reminded me of the lesser quality mozzarrella that a lot of restaurants use in that
    it's kind of creamy. but, it was nice to have "cheese" on a pizza for change and i would
    definitely recommend it.

    It doesn't appear that it's being sold in any stores, yet. You can go to the Daiya web site and email them to inquire about that, but this is what I found when searching where to buy it:

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      That's too bad...although I did read that some people liked the cheddar version better.

    2. I just read on a blog (quarrygirl) that the Whole Foods on 3rd St/Fairfax is now
      carrying it!!

      I'm sorry that I gave the impression that I didn't like it...I will order a pizza from
      Cruzer again, but I'll ask for easy cheese. In fact, I may even get one tonight (all
      this talk has me craving it tonight!!).

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        you should definitely check out the vegan pizza at the third/fairfax whole foods soon. not all whole foods have daiya right now, but i hear they will. get a vegan pizza from the prepared foods section and you will NOT be sorry!

      2. check out tama in los angeles! they carry it. give them a call.

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