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Jun 16, 2009 08:09 PM

Sammy's Pizzeria in Teaneck has really good dishes!

I must report a good dairy dinner when it happens, especially in Teaneck! Freshly made blintzes completely from scratch, tuna on a fresh, soft baguette. Friends had a pasta with pink sauce--great. One complaint: no frappes or shakes and my husband felt his sushi wrap was dry. I appreciated the oil and vinegar on the table that we used with the small sides of salad that came with the dishes. Nice counter service. We were pleasantly surprised. It isn't waiter-service, but the food was good (even the fries) and the portions were nice.

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  1. Is this something separate than Sammys Bagel place near Sushi Mesuyan?

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      Now he has bagels, deli and pizzeria right next door to each other. If I hadn't tried it, I would have assumed it was just more pizza store type food, but it is better than that.

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        Can you please give more info. about their deli and bagel stores? Eat-in or Take-out? Quality of Food? Type of Menu? Ambience? etc.
        Thanks very much!

    2. I have to add that friends and I have now ordered in for lunch again and we were so satisified. First of all, they are so polite and accommodating. Second of all, the portions are so generous and the options are quite diverse. Our order: salad (choice of lettuce type), five toppings (she chose craisins, carmelized almonds, tomatoes, onions, hearts of palm), choice of dressing), tuna melt on whole wheat presented so nicely with side of salad, ravioli (choice of sauce and 4 added vegies!), grilled vegie salad with salmon tossed in, yummy tuna sandwich, and of course their delicous chocolate "skinnies"--low-fat iced chocolate drink. I hope people give them the chance they deserve because whoever is in the kitchen cares about the taste and the presentation and they know how to treat their customers.

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        I totally agree! I LOVE sammys. i think its just the right cross between a pizzeria and a more-upscale cafe type place. I love the salads, but the best thing on the menu is their mozarella stix! They r to die for... The soups arent that greta though.
        I agree customer satisfaction is high on their prioirty list, and this shows because every time i go there they r completely packed..

      2. I did try it, based on this post. Some good dishes, yes, but the pizza stinks. Uninspired boring sauce, rather tasteless low grade cheese, and the crust....don't get me started on that! Compared to the real thing it is about a 2 on a scale of 10 in my book.

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          I agree on the pizza- its not good at all, but my fave is the salad and mozarella stix... plus the bagels are form sammys, and i think sammys bagels are the best in tristate area...

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            The pizza is not the thing. The rest of the food on the menu is on par with any good dairy restaurant and the portions are bigger. It's about the custom salads, pastas, blintzes, wraps, the spa menu. The pizza is not the thing and that is why some people probably don't get it. It also minimizes the interest in it as a restaurant rather than another pizza store. They should get rid of the pizza. As for the deli that someone asked about, I don't know. I have never tried it. The bagels are excellent. I think that in this case it is "too much of a good thing." All the variety masks the basic good taste of the dairy dishes at the pizzeria. Again, there must just be a good chef back there.