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Jun 16, 2009 08:02 PM

Mac Snack Wrap

Has anybody had the Mac Snack Wrap? What do you think about it?

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  1. Once. For the money, the McChicken sandwich is a better choice. (At least here, the snack wrap is $1.19 I think, and the McChicken's only $1. Not sure, because I haven't been to McDonalds for several months)

    1. LOVE THEM!! I prefer the grilled BBQ snack wrap.

      1. It was horrible! I knew it was going to be a mistake but couldn't fight the urge to try it anyway. Too thick of a tortilla, too little sauce, too much watery lettuce...I'd take the sandwich instead anyday!

        1. I tried it. Eh - not so great, but if you were at a mcdonalds, kinda hungry and didn't want to spend much, it's an ok deal. If the tortilla was grilled and hot, and the burger really fresh and hot it would have been better. Mine was lukewarm. A quarter pounder is 410 calories, the mac was not listed, but it should be around 275??

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            Just guessing on the calories based on the grilled chicken snack wrap I had the other day at Wendy's, which was 250, skimpy and pretty dry...I'd up my estimate on the Mac wrap to 300. Tortillas have a disappointing number of calories, although since I started eating whole grain bread I can't stomach the cheapo white fast food burger buns anymore.

            That said, calorie-wise the McDouble (only one slice of cheese) is a pretty good calorie bargain at 370.