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Jun 16, 2009 07:40 PM

Gluten Free in SFV

My wife can't eat wheat/gluten, etc. which severely limits our restaurant choices.

Are there any gluten free restaurants, or restaurants that have at least a partly gluten-free menu, in the SFV? Or, if it was amazing, we'd drive to Westside, SM, etc.

I really haven't come across any here, which I don't understand...LA is a big place, and usually on the cutting edge. We've been to Austin, TX, where they have a few GF restos as well as pizza places that serve both regular and GF crust.

Any help is appreciated!

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  1. I'm allergic to both gluten and dairy, so I feel your pain. All of these have options, and in no particular order...

    Fritto Misto - will sub veggies for pasta -- you can ask this of any Italian restaurant i.e. Oliva on Van Nuys will accommodate
    California Chicken Cafe
    Vegan Express on Cahuenga
    Kate Mantilini
    Jack Sprat's Grille
    FOOD on Pico
    Carnival on Woodman
    Ruth's Chris or any steakhouse that will give you meat and veggies or potatoes
    Barney Greengrass
    Greenleaf Chop Shop
    The Sensitive Baker in Culver City
    Sweet Debbie's Organic Cupcakes
    PF Chang's

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      My husband has gluten allergies--and we find that we can do fine at almost any Los Angeles restaurant, with the possible exception of Chinese, since Chinese soy sauce has wheat in it., and Cajun since so many of their sauces start with a roux. But certainly Thai food, which features rice noodles, Mexican food with corn tortillas, Italian food with risotto instead of pasta, Indian food whicfh has rice flour based breads, etc. And at fine dining restaurants, the waiters are very aware of the number of local customers with wheat allergies, and usually, after a quick kitchen check to make sure that sauces aren't flour-based, they provide him with wonderful options. Recently Bella Roma, on Robertson, was willing to cook up corn pasta for him when we hosted a celebration dinner there.

    2. i just discovered this and i'd been going to the third street/fairfax farmers market for years.
      i had their gluten free pizza and it was great! i believe they use a rice crust. it was made to order, so i added whatever i wanted to it. they'll do gluten AND dairy free - so Emme - you may want to check this out! they also do gluten free pasta's!

      1. Z Pizza, there are several locations, one in the Porter Ranch area, one in the Woodland Hills area, has gluten free pizza. You can check them out online. It isn't too bad. I think PF Chang's was mentioned and that is good also. You do have to ask for their gluten free menu but it has lots of options. Am also interested in finding out more about gluten free restaurants/offerings if there are any others. Always, JPB