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Jun 16, 2009 07:31 PM

Fried Green Tomatoes in Atlanta?

I have a friend going to Atlanta tomorrow and she wants to experience Friend Green Tomatoes and sweet tea. Where should she go? She will be there for three days so Chowhounds help us out.

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  1. Both are available several places. Not knowing what area of metro Atlanta and whether or not she has her own transportation requires general responses. Mary Mac's on Ponce de Leon Ave is a great choice for southern food in general - including fried green tomatoes and sweet tea. The Collonade on Cheshire Bridge Road likely also offers them. Folks is a chain, with several locations, and always has fried green tomatoes on the menu. Sweet tea is available almost everywhere. Fried Green Tomatoes is a local Korean owned southern buffet, with a couple of locations, which is very reasonable and enjoyable food.

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      Thanks Milt will share with my friend. I figured the sweet tea would be easy but getting good FGT would need a local recco. Thanks again,

    2. Mary Mac's is overrated IMHO - very touristy and when I dined there I didn't find the food all that great. I love the fried green tomatoes at West Egg Cafe: If you're there on the weekend try the weekend brunch special,the Peachtree Plate.

      1. Flying Biscuit Cafe is a local chain that also does amazing fried green tomatoes. And of course the biscuits are great as the name would suggest.