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Jun 16, 2009 06:56 PM

So I went to Daisy May's for the first time...

and had the Memphis Dry Rub ribs and the pulled pork. The ribs were big and meaty...tender but not fall-off-the-bone tender. Also, the rub seemed like it was applied at a fairly late stage of the BBQ process (maybe that's the right way I don't know...) and could have been done with more time on the meat, if you know what I mean. The pulled pork meat was good but the sauce not my thing. I prefer a vinegar-edge to pulled pork and this was more sweetish...wouldn't order it again. Wonder if anyone else can concur with these observations? I may go back again to try the brisket but probably wouldn't order the ribs or pork again...

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  1. I'm no dry rub expert, but I was never a fan of the Memphis ribs at Daisy May's. If you return, try the sweet 'n' sticky ribs. They're tender and amazing.

    1. i went for the first time a couple weeks ago. had the pulled pork platter. the pulled pork from the cart on 50th was better. sides were good. baked beans with burnt ends and collards greens. they were much better than the main.

      1. I've had the dry and wet ribs side by side and like the wet ones much better.

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          I only get their wet ribs. Really don't like the dry-rub. And not much of a fan of their side dishes.

          Btw, meat falling off the bone is not necessarily a good thing with bbq.

        2. I prefer pulled pork over ribs and Daisy May's pork definitely lacked that vinegar kick I crave. If their specialty is the wet ribs, can anyone recommend a BBQ place in Manhattan/Tristate area that makes amazing pulled pork?

          Did get the baked beans as a side and those were indeed very good. The cornbread was so-so... a little dry and not as sweet as I would prefer.

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          1. re: SeoulQueen

            Carolina style pulled pork can be hard to find in NYC.

            RUB or Wildwood, maybe?


            1. re: SeoulQueen

              Does the Manhattan branch of Waterfront Ale House have the same pulled pork sandwich that can be found in Brooklyn? If so, it's worth trying.

              1. re: Steve R

                Never been to the BK location, but the pulled pork is good at Manhattan location. great beer selection too

            2. I've been to Daisy May's 5 times since I was told about it in late 07 -- not bad for someone who lives 250 miles away. The big beef rib is memorable. The dry pork ribs as good as I've ever had. I love the sides, including the cornbread (in part because it's not sweet). All 3 of the other people I've brought there love the food. The staff is always very friendly & very competent. I look forward to trying other dishes there.