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Jun 16, 2009 06:55 PM

Alabama Pizza Culture

I'm writing a piece on pizza in Alabama and am looking for any opinions or information on the matter.

I know of Frank Stitt's Bottega Favorita cafe and have learned of a few other artisinal pizzerias that already exist (like Bettola) or are opening in Birmingham, but I'm also very interested in the "neighborhood slice guy"--if that even exists.

Are there regional preferences or local toppings (thick crust vs. thin, BBQ or other local seasonal toppings?) Are there places worth mentioning beyond the Papa Johns and Pizza Huts? Thanks!

Feel free to email me as well:

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  1. I really like Dave's in Homewood. A not too thick, not too thin crust with a different choice of toppings from the chains. They offer whole wheat crust (more heart healthy I guess). I particularly like the Mediterranean - meatless with feta. Also notable is Tomatopie in Trussville. I like the thin crust - not especially crispy, but have a nice bite to it. Of course, my all time favorite is Bettola - great char on the crust with fresh ingredieints. Try to salami pomodora!

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    1. I really miss Sho' Nuff Pizza in Montgomery, AL. That would have been perfect for your write-up. They used to have toppings like collard greens and black-eyed peas on a cornbread crust- one of my favorites.
      The only pizza shop I know worth mentioning in the Montgomery area is Tomatinos pizza on fairview. They have Alabama Goat Cheese (bellechevre), which is not listed on their website. There was a time when Tomatinos used organic ingredients and tried to go local produce- but they are under new owners now and have cut corners. Other than that I can say that there is a Mom and Pops called Tony's and one called Corsino's(definately a corner joint)- but they are more just testaments to better days as opposed to creative food establishments.

      1. Mafiaozo's in Crestline sells pizza by the slice and it is good
        Also Jim Davenport's pizza- been around for ages- very good THIN pizza but expensive!!

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          can you go into a little more detail about what makes it "good" ?

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            Going to Betolla tonight....supposed to awesome great za.

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              How did you like it? The crap-tastic service kills it for me each and every time.

        2. Cousin Vinny's in Daphne, AL is very very good, especialy the 5 cheese.