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Jun 16, 2009 06:33 PM

group dinner near university

hi everyone,

I'm looking for a recommendation for a dinner for about 15-20 people on a week day night near the U of T campus. Price range should be in the $20-30 per person all included. I'm finishing my stint as a postdoc at U of T so this is my going away dinner, and to tell the truth I don't have any ideas! Kind of sad... it needs to be walking distance and able to accommodate the large-ish group. I would like to go somewhere nicer than chinatown but we still have a fairly hard upper ceiling on the price. Also not very fond of the numerous sushi/asian places on Bloor. I was thinking of Baldwin, but the Japanese restaurant I like (Konnichiwa) isn't big enough, and Bodega is too expensive (people should be able to order an entre and either a salad or a desert and maybe a drink for the price). Cafe la gaffe? How about something on Queen? There's an Indian restaurant there I remember liking but I don't remember the name.

Sorry for the somewhat generic question but I'm hoping that people who get out more will have better ideas that I do!

thanks in advance!

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  1. What about Supermarket in Kensington Market? They can definitely accommodate a group that large and the prices are in your range.

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      Sorry to say it but Supermarket has really gone downhill -- the last couple of meals I had there have been truly abysmal. Soggy, over-cooked food (the green beans were literally shriveled up and mushy from overcooking - it is hard to screw up beans!). If you like Indian, Nataraj at Bloor and Brunswick is probably big enough and it's reasonable and tasty. I've been to a couple of larger group dinners at Bar Italia on College -- the food is pretty decent and it's not too expensive. I'm sure you'll get some other good suggestions but those are the ones that came to mind.

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        Have you had Supermarket's new $15 prix fixe? I had it a week or two back and thought it was a great deal.

    2. I think you are probably referring to Trimurti-an Indian resto on Queen at McCaul. I've never been but it definitely fits the price range and our local Indian lovin' hound, Estufarian, likes it.

      There is also Torito-a Spanish tapas bar in Kensington, but sadly I think its slightly out of the price range as typically I find you need about 3-4 plates per person to feel full. It does have a lovely, patio though and would be fun for a larger group.

      There's also the new Mercatto in the MaRS building. It fits the price range too (but just).


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        Do you happen to know the hours of the new Mercatto on College? They are not listed on the website or in their voice mail. I just wanted to make sure they are open at night, and not just a lunch spot.

        1. re: ms. cornbread

          Don't know-sorry, but they do seem to be open past 5pm as they have a dinner menu posted on the website for the College location. Best bet is to call I guess and hope you don't get transferred to voicemail.

      2. Your price range is really tight. I think the solution is the Coffee Mill in Yorkville. Simple, inexpensive Hungarian food.

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        1. re: dubchild

          yeah, i certainly didn't set it myself... academic budgets don't really allow for your typical business dinner :).

          1. re: nzach

            Can't your fellow colleagues/students pay for their own drinks? I totally understand the academic budget thing, but if the PI pays for the meal, then surely everyone can get their own drinks! If that's the case, then many suggestions on this thread would fit into the budget just fine.

            Another thought is to have a lunch at Le Paradis, which would most certainly fit with that budget (and the food is tasty too). But they only take reservations for larger groups at lunch so you would not be able to do dinner there.

            And congratulations on finishing up your post-doc!


        2. You can try Ematei, $30 is doable if you do 1 drink only. You're going there for the cooked food, not sushi.

          1. I know that you said that you weren't fond of the Asian spots in Chinatown but I am going to recommend Asian Legend for price point and also for the fact that you can book your party into the downstairs private room. There is a minimum order that is expected but you will hit it with the price ceiling that you have mentioned.