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Jun 16, 2009 05:36 PM

SD- Mission Beach with Kids

Will be in Mission Beach with my son (age 7) and my sister and her kids (4 & 6) for 5 days.
What restaurants are good atmosphere for the kids but good food for the adults?
Looking for some breakfast, lunch and dinner spots.

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  1. You might want to try The Eggery for breakfast or lunch. Reasonable prices, consistently good food but nothing fancy. It is half a block from the beach in the Tony Roma's/Hooters building (caddy-corner from the Catamaran).

    The Firehouse American Eatery (next to the Fire Station) at the foot of Grand Avenue has been getting some good reports.

    You could eat at Saska's for dinner. If you go up to Garnet and head east, there is a Lotsa Pasta restaurant in the Von's shopping center that the kids will probably like.

    1. Also, Isabel's Cantina for a fusion of healthy/Mexican/Asian fare, and La Torta for a wide variety of tortas - both on Cass.

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        Isabel's Cantina is on Felspar St. (966 Felspar) just around the corner from Cass St. next door to Cafe 976. I really like their coconut french toast.

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          RIP La Torta, been dead for quite some time.

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            Thanks for the corrections, guys. I usually park on Cass, so that must have been my excuse. At least that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

            Didn't know La Torta in PB had closed. The closer it gets to summer, the more I avoid the area. They still have it listed on their website!

        2. Kono's at Crystal Pier right on the boardwalk is a no-brainer for breakfast and/or lunch. Cheap, good, ultra casual, and million dollar views at their tables across the way near the shell shop.

          1. Summertime in Mission Beach is a nightmare to get in and out of there..
            I would stay close to MB/PB and not much to choose from but Saska's, Mission, World Famous, Green Flash, Kono's, Lotsa Pasta, Cafe Athena, Los Panchos, Nick's at the beach, Firehouse deli.

            1. Hi Alexa...
              I agree that you may want to stick to Mission and PB, atleast during "beach" hours on saturday sunday, or during rush hour times on the weekdays as traffic is crazy.

              In my opinion, I think Firehouse and Saska's are a little more upscale and less "kid" atmosphere than you might be looking for. A few places in mission and PB that i'd recommend:

              - I 100% agree with Kono's for breakfast/lunch. Very low key and a limited menu (big breakfast or burgers or Tuna sandwich) but If you are not overly picky, this is a must. And yes, try and find a seat across the walk behind the shell shop (it is hidden).

              - Joes Crab shack, while not a local favorite is a great kid friendly place and is a great location (right overlooking the water).

              - During the day you might want to check the wave house. It's a great outdoor place all in sand and they have a man made wave which people ride (like surfing). fun to watch. The first is decent (nothing to write home about, but no real complaints either). One big tip...Stay away at night or on Sunday, it becomes a 21 and up booze fest.

              -Filippe's in PB is a nice old Italian style pizza place (sit down but not fancy). Really good food and a San Diego Favorite.

              -Canes (right next to the roller coaster) is another one like Wave House. You can go up on the roof top patio over looking the ocean. Great food and is low key, however in more popular times will become a drunk hangout. Lunch during the week or weekend is great.

              If you are looking to get out of PB/Mission:
              -Sammy's Woodfired grill (several locations in SD, from Del Mar to Point Loma to Downtown) is great food, cheap and is low key atmosphere (but still a nice sit down dinner). Its a pizza place (great for kids), but they have amazing alternatives like Ahi Burgers, Kobe sliders, and Duck taco's.

              I would also suggest Hodad's in Ocean Beach (only a few minutes drive from mission) It's just a little burger joint, but great decoration for kids ( they have a VW van in the store you can sit in to eat). one caution though. If you go at lunch hour, there WILL be a line and it's a stand and wait till a seat opens kind of place kind of place

              - Phil's BBQ in point loma is AWESOME. Great food, very low key fun atmosphere, but it is limited (BBQ (chicken, ribs, pulled pork etc) and sides (corn, coleslaw, beans, fries etc) only. If you go at dinner it will be a line as well (again no hostess...stand and wait for a table to open up)

              I hope this helps you : ) and I hope you have a blast here.