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Jun 16, 2009 05:32 PM

San Simeon Suggestions

Will be in San Simeon for one night on July 9th. Will do Hearst Castle of course. Will be with my son and husband. Would love a recommendation for lunch and dinner.

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  1. Cambria is your best bet for dinning. Nothing I know of in San Simeon. I would suggest the Moonstone Bar and Grill. They have a wonderful deck across the street from the ocean with nothing to block your view. The food is fine, not wonderful, but fine. Robins is often suggested here, but I have no personal knowledge. We always go to the Sows Ear, but I think it is more of a couples place. You didn't mention your boy's age. Cambria is a charming little town. Hope you saved some time to check it out.

    1. We stayed at one of the inns in Moonstone beach, a few miles south of the House that HEarst Built. I would recommend the SEA CHEST. It is in Moonstone, they do not take reservations and they serve primarily fresh fish. We were there a few years ago and really liked it. We were with out kids, but there were familys dining as well. When we were there they only took cash.
      Have fun!

      1. Have eaten at the Sow's Ear on two separate trips from the UK. Very good recommendation good food and service. We took our son both times and he was comfortable eating there although the bias is towards couples. There used to be a breakfast shack called Creekside which was run in the evenings as Creekside de Noche a basic Mexican but quite fun.

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          I'm pretty sure it was Creekside where we had breakfast last summer - I could dig out the digital pictures, but I'm too lazy : ) . I was impressed, although I'm sure I only had the standard eggs & sausage. Nice place, and if it were warmer, maybe we would have breakfasted on the patio.

          I wasn't too impressed with Robins. We talked to several people in Cambria, and they all recommended it, but I remember it as rather bland, and I didn't like that they served brown rice with no other option (not too fond of brown rice, although I know it's healthier than white).

        2. Go a little further north and you can go to Nepenthe in Big Sur, but Cambria is your best bet. Linn's (for the Olallieberry Pie), Sow's Ear, Main Street Grill, Indigo Moon and Wild Ginger.

          1. You'll definitely be eating in Cambria to get good food in that area. The Sea Chest is great! Everyone in my family loves it. The Sow's Ear is also top notch. A more casual choice would be the Tri Tip place on the corner coming in to town (sorry, the name escapes me right now...). It is right next to the Shell station and has huge grills outside where they cook the Tri Tip. There are big screen TV's inside and I think your son would enjoy it. Great, tender Tri Tip!

            The Creekside is a good place for breakfast. Consistently good food.

            Linn's is kind of touristy and hit or miss as far as quality but when it's good, it's very good.

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              The tri-tip place is Main Street Grill.