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Jun 16, 2009 05:28 PM

Sweet Mayonnaise?

I had sweet mayonnaise for the first time in Tokyo a few years ago and have since found it mixed into salads (mostly sweet corn or fruit salads) in Singapore and China. The first couple of times I tried it, I was really pertty icked out by the stuff. (Really, why ruin good fruit with this glop?) But recently, after working through a tube of it that I bought by accident, I found that it's grown on me a bit.

What's the story behind this strange condiment? Is it a Japanese creation? (The brand I see most often is Kewpie.) When did it come onto the market and when did it become popular? Where is it eaten in the world? And how do you like to eat it?

For anyone who's never tried it, it tastes a mix between "regular" mayonnaise (i.e. Hellman's) and sweet, whipped cream.

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  1. Does it bear any resemblance to Miracle Wip, or is it a little less cloying than that?

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      Embarrassingly, I don't know... I haven't had Miracle Whip for a very, very long time and don't really remember what it tastes like. My vague impression is that the sweet mayonnaise is creamier -- more custardy, maybe? -- and sweeter.

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        Ha, because you know the thread on the horrors of that at this moment is adjacent to this thread.

      2. oh! you must be talking about japanese mayonnaise, usually kewpie brand. they come in big clear squeezy bottle/tube things.
        i come from singapore but still cannot really understand mayo on melons, but i love the stuff on tako pachi /tako yaki (octopus or shrimp savory pancake balls with some sort of worcestershire-tasting sauce, japanese mayo and shaved bonito) and similar japanese pancakey things (okonomiyaki). it's a necessary condiment.

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        1. re: madkittybadkitty

          If I'm not mistaken, Kewpie makes a regular mayonnaise (in a red and white tube or jar) and a sweet mayonnaise (in a blue and white tube or jar). The regular mayonnaise isn't so different from Hellman's. It's a little bit sweeter. The sweet mayonnaise, on the other hand, is a LOT sweeter and really pretty desserty. Please tell me I didn't hallucinate all this...

          1. re: cimui

            cimui - no, you're not hallucinating.
            they do have a pretty normal-tasting mayo which comes in a jar, but the sweet stuff comes in the squeezy bag things. it's weird - i really have no idea what to use it on besides okonomiyaki, so it really just sat in the fridge.
            how are you using the sweet mayo??

            1. re: madkittybadkitty

              Oh no, do I really have to admit this? (1) I smeared it on toasted brown rice bread, (a commercial brand slightly sweetened with fruit juice) and topped with sliced strawberries and bananas to make a sandwich of sorts; and (2) I dolloped it over brownies (gluten free ones) and topped with blueberry compote. (I was thinking custard!)

              In part, I started this thread to try and find out how you're *supposed* to consume this stuff. =P Having it on tako yaki sounds pretty good! The brown sauce I've had drizzled over it is pretty sweet and compliments the flavors, well.