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Jun 16, 2009 05:05 PM

good steak in Vancouver?

I'm looking for a good place for a Father's Day meal this year. My dad usually defaults to the one steak dish (or maybe lamb) on the menu when we eat out, so I figured for his meal maybe it'd be nice to find a good place that has more than 1 option. Any good steak places to recommend, or perhaps non-steakhouse restaurants that have really good steak on offer?


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  1. replying to my own to share that DB bistro has an amazing-sounding Father's day prix fixe going on:

    "Mouth Watering Cote de Boeuf for 2, bone marrow crust & pomme croquettes. Prix-fixe w. salad & dessert ($45)."

    1. I love DB Bistro! That sounds like a great deal too! I am grilling rib-eye for my dad. Here's Morton's:

      Treat Dad to Morton's this Father's Day and enjoy a special menu. Morton's signature a la carte menu also available.

      Father's Day Menu $65* per person

      Choice of Soup or Salad
      Baked Five Onion Soup, Crusted with Swiss Cheese
      Caesar Salad, Classic Dressing
      Center Cut Iceberg, Our Version of the Wedge

      Choice of One Entree
      Filet Mignon, Double Cut, Bearnaise Sauce
      New York Strip Steak, Signature Cut
      Cajun Ribeye Steak
      Broiled Salmon Fillet, Chef's Beurre Blanc Sauce
      Chicken Christopher, Garlic Beurre Blanc Sauce

      Choice of One Vegetable or Potato

      Carrot Cake or Key Lime Pie

      *Available only on Sunday, June 21, 2009. Price excludes tax and gratuity.

      Price varies for international locations.
      Canada: $75 per person.

      1. Hy's for that old-school steakhouse vibe.

        1. Gotham for the Chicago-style steakhouse

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              That is where the steak is first charred on the outside then cooked to the desired doneness on the inside.

          1. Fuel's steak is pretty ridiculous. Lots of other stuff on the menu as well.

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              I love Fuel but we've been several times before... plus I'm saving myself for Nose-to-Tail :)

              I think we're going to try the DB special... but I definitely want to hit some of the steakhouses in Vancouver sometime. I actually have never been to any.