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Jun 16, 2009 04:38 PM

"expand post" not working

the "click to expand" option is not working for me, all it's doing is taking me to the poster's profile. Tried on different threads, same thing happening.

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  1. Same here. Neither clicking the Expand All link just under the original post nor clicking on specific collapsed posts works. Clicking on the name of the author of a collapsed post takes me to the author's profile. Windows XP, Firefox 3.0.11.

    1. There seem to be several different problems being reported with javascript funtions right now -- people are intermittently having difficulties with anything that drops down, report boxes, reply windows, menus, etc.

      I've opened a problem ticket for our engineering team. Reloading the page does seem to help sometimes for me.

      1. Just coming here to post the same thing....sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. And when it doesn't, it won't work on an individual post OR the Expand All option. I often back out to My Chow or whatever board the post is on, and then go back to the post. But frustrating when I can't do a reply to a post either.

        1. Me too. When I click on a persons name to open the post I get redirected to their profile page. The expand all didn't work either and I also had trouble today replying to a post.

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          1. re: sibeats

            Same here. It is a royal pain to have reload over and over again with every post. Not being able to reply is obnoxious.

            1. re: wally

              Can't understand why I could reply here, but not on the T.O.board.
              Same problems as listed above.

            2. re: sibeats

              Same here re problems posting/expanding...and though sometimes reloading the page was a fix a couple of days ago, it didn't seem to do the trick today...nor did expand all.

            3. BTW, *when* this does happen, it also happens for the "Chowhound" link at the top. I don't get the pop-down menu for all of the boards.

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              1. re: LindaWhit

                same here. "reply" is working inconsistently for me too.