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Jun 16, 2009 04:24 PM

Yank Sing Mediocre at Best

After reading many posts I decided to try out Yank Sing on Stevenson during my visit to SF. I have only eaten dimsum in the US, but I have eaten at Eilte and many random places in los angeles and new york. And Yank Sing was disappointingly mediocre. The selection was average - really all I saw was the typical hargow, pork bao, fried shrimp stuff- they served this scallop thing with DONKATSU sauce, and they charged 2 bucks a head for some plain old tea. We got 4 things - so little because we decided to go somewhere else - and it was 35 bucks.

Maybe I should have re-evaluated when I saw there were no Chinese, not even Asian, people there. Even going to Jing Fong in New York, which puts copious amounts of MSG in everything, is a much more fun and interesting experience than Yang Sing eating. The drab SF downtown backdrop made it worse. I believe going to colorful Chinatown would have been more enjoyable, considering that the atmosphere is livelier, the tea free, the flavors the same, and the bill half of Yank Sing's.

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  1. That's strange, I've always seen a larger selection of items there than at most places. This was a weekday or a weekend?

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Hard to say what you would have thought of the chinatown places. Maybe you can try one or two of the standards and report back? Certainly, as you say, the atmosphere's different in chinatown.

        Sad that the most recommendable places are pretty far outside town.

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          During dim sum hours, Chinatown restaurants like other dim sum houses charge from 75ยข to $1 per person for tea, even if you order the plain ol' jasmine. Dol Ho does not, but it's one of the few exceptions.

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              I agree. I have always thought Yang Sing was way overrated. The food is okay, the location is nice and clean but I only eat there on an expense account so I don't feel ripped off. There are a lot more affordable places in the city that do a better job with dim sum.

        2. Is the Stevenson location the main location in the former post office, or the "take out-luncheon location" with the outdoor tables??? If it is the outdoor/luncheon they make the dim sum there, or shlep it from the main location...???

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            Neither, 49 Stevenson is an indoor restaurant around the corner from the crappy takeout counter.

            The food's all made on-site at both locations. I find the food identical, and reliably good, though I don't order any of the things the original poster did.

            As long as we're on the subject, East Ocean in Alameda seems to have pretty much the same menu (including the wide variety of items kristianbakes somehow wasn't offered) at much lower prices.

            East Ocean Seafood
            1713 Webster St, Alameda, CA 94501

          2. The only times I have eaten at YS is on someone else's dime (my manager or someone w/ a company expense account). While the food is ok I just can't seem to bring my self to spend that kind of money on dim sum. I look at dim sum as snack food. It will not make you full. You really suffer from sticker shock at YS.

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            1. re: asianstamp

              While I totally agree on the high price point at YS, I am stunned at your assertion that a dim sum meal will not make you full. That's just preposterous. I have had hundreds of dim sum lunches in my life and each and everytime i have been sated. If I feel hungry, a char siu bao or two solves that problem.

              1. re: PeterL

                Plus one on that. They bring food as fast as you want, until you say stop.Everywhere around here, they will bring it faster than you can possibly. If you see it as a snack and eat slowly, that's up to you - I find it hard; everything's so tasty