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Jun 16, 2009 04:20 PM

Jackson Hole

I looked at "elsewhere" on the boards, but learned that for some strange geographical reason, Wyoming is now in the Southwest. Whatever. I need some chowie advice for a 4 day trip to Jackson Hole in July. No real preferences, open to most anything, except formal and stuffy.

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  1. The resort at the base of the Jackson Hole ski area is called Teton Village, and it has gone mega-upscale in the past few years. The least stuff eatery there is the Mangy Moose.

    The town of Jackson is 12 miles away. Abundance of restaurants of all sorts. I believe there have been previous threads.

    And others too have wondered how "Wyoming" got moved to the Southwest when it's way closer to Canada than to Mexico. Perhaps we should all chip in and buy the Chowhoud team an atlas.

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      LOL!!! Thanks for the advice...I'm staying away from Teton Village, since it's not ski season, and want to mainly hang out around town...I'll check it all out, thanks much!

      1. re: cathcooks

        We were there last summer, and staying away from Mangy Moose is good advice if you want decent food.

        We liked Trio, just off the square (3 ex-chefs from Snake River Grill). Sit at the bar if you want to watch the action. Great wine list.

        Trio An American Bistro
        45 South Glenwood Street, Jackson, WY 83001

        1. re: girlgourmet

          thank you! good suggestions...wanna stay around town, so that's a good one!

    2. I'm definitely not an expert on Jackson Hole dining, but on a recent visit there I had an excellent meal at the Granary Restaurant at Spring Creek Ranch, just off of Moose-Wilson road. The food and the atmosphere were both great. The peanut butter panna cotta dessert was amazing. It was a special though, so they may not have it. The view of the Teton's was amazing and they had live Jazz.
      The sushi at Shogun Sushi was very good and the staff was very helpful with suggestions. Bubba's barbeque is good for bbq. And i'd stay away from Cadillac. They try to be "western" with game meat on the menu, but fail miserably, in my opinion. They even bragged that their elk wasn't very "gamey". What's the point of that? If i'm eating game I want it to taste like game. I wouldn't be surprised if the elk was actually beef. I grew up on elk meat so I know what it tastes like. Maybe it is just that it was farmed elk meat rather than wild. The tuna carpaccio was great though. The waiter told me that huckleberries resemble blackberries, which they DO NOT, and claimed that the dessert had fresh local huckleberrries, which is impossible in May. They were out of the dessert in question so I didn't get to see for myself what they were trying to pass off as huckleberries. So, maybe I am just a little mad at them for lying and the food wasn't that bad. It is definitely a bit pricey for what you get.
      Incidentally, none of the huckleberry flavored stuff I tried while there tasted anything like huckleberries so I recommend staying away from all the huckleberry themed food items that are plentiful in the shops.

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      1. re: foodeaterslc

        great advice...I eat my own (yeah, I shoot 'em myself) elk, and it irks me when restaurants claim to make it taste "like beef"! And definitely not going for the huckleberrie! LOL!

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          Re "Maybe it is just that it was farmed elk meat rather than wild." I don't know what Wyoming's regulations are, but in Colorado, I believe that restaurants are not permitted to serve wild game -- only ranch-raised.

        2. Good suggestions, all. We usually eat at Nani's at one point or another during the week. And Jedidiah's is a good breakfast.

          Have fun!

          1. I was in Jackson the first of the month and had one of the worst meals I have ever had at Signal Mountain Lodge.It's in the park and not in Jackson proper but if you happen to be taking the loop through the park,skip this one.It used to be a really good place to eat but they are obviously having problems with kitchen and wait staff.
            Most meals were eaten in since I was staying with friends but the one dinner out we had was at Calico Pizza which is on the Moose Wilson road.Food was good as was the service.

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            1. re: twodogs

              Thanks for the warning on Signal Mountain Lodge food. We are staying there, but I'll look for Calico Pizza for dinner. Any other note worthy spots between there and Salt lake City, for the drive south?

              1. re: kabocha

                Garden City, Utah for raspberry milkshakes. It is the scenic route to SLC but is not too much longer than I -15. I also vote for Trio.

            2. not sure when you'll be here, but I am a chef here in JH. My faves are Trio, Rendezvous Bistro, Bubbas, Nora's (in Wilson), and Snake River Brewery. The Brewery (a.k.a. Brewpub) is a great place for excellent beer (they win many awards) and casual food. The Gunbarrel has some decent game, modestly priced, and very filling. I'd finally recommend Calico and Q Roadhouse on the Village Road. Calico is casual italian/pizza while Q is a bbq joint with some flair. Good luck.