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Jun 16, 2009 03:14 PM

Nashville and Louisville

Hi, Need help for the following:
1) Nashville (wed) - lunch, afternoon, late dinner (concert at Ryman from 7:30)
2) Louisville (thurs) - lunch

This is our first time in the South (we have been in Birmingham for the last 3 days and are driving back up to NYC. Want to try places with Southern Only ambience and food - eg. restaurants in old homes...

Price is flexible.

Any suggestions?

We're considering Margot Café & Bar and Monells in Nashville ; J. Graham's Cafe @ Brown Hotel in Louisville..

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  1. I think that Monell's would be a great idea for lunch. It might not be the absolute best Southern cooking in town, but it's pretty dang good, and it's a great atmosphere (family style) and it's all you can eat, so you can try a lot of different things. Plus, you're guaranteed to get their fried chicken (served with every meal, including breakfast), which is delicious.

    Margot is also a fantastic choice. Just call to make sure they will be open late enough on a Wednesday night.

    1. In Louisville I would recommend Corbett's.

      It is in a renovated historic home which is beautiful despite the fact that it is in a Costo parking lot. The food is excellent but is not strictly southern. Maybe southern influenced at times and they try to use local ingredients when possible.