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Jun 16, 2009 02:43 PM

Asian Groceries in Mid-Hudson/Poughkeepsie Area

Anyone know of an Asian Grocery in the Mid-Hudson Area of NY State? I have found two, however, both specialize in Indian and don't have too much Chinese/SE Asian Ingredients. I would hate to have to commute all the way to the city to get my fill of the staples necessary for these amazing cuisines.

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  1. Bangkok Grocery on Mosco Street in Chinatown ships. If you're willing to drive to Albany there are several Asian shops on Central Ave. They may also ship.

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    1. Don't know anything about this place but there is a store in Pougkeepsie called Welcome Oriental Grocery. It's on New Hackensack Road in a strip mall and they sell some staples.

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        i just went to welcome grocery this past saturday. they had some dim sum, chinese pastries, and other snacks they brought up from chinatown. i think if you go there around 11 on a saturday, they have a pretty good selection of goodies. they have a basic selection of asian foodstuffs though, but i think it's the best in the area, sad to say.

        there's also a grocery store in hopewell junction on rt. 82 in the cvs plaza across from a & p called hopewell farms that sells some asian ingredients.

      2. IF you are going to go down to NYC, you should stop by and check out both the Indian grocery store and the Persian Market on Tarrytown Road/Rt 119 on Elmsford-White Plains boarder.

        1. Not that I know of but hey: White Plains is a short(ish) ride away and you can go to Kam Sen in the DMV shopping Plaza and get anything you could possibly ever want.

          Kam Sen Asian Market
          22 Barker Ave
          White Plains, NY
          (914) 428-4500

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          1. re: BAFU

            dude, white plains is like an hour fifteen, maybe, from poughkeepsie.
            i just moved to cold spring - i get by on basics from welcome oriental grocery, which is the only place reasonably within reach. if i want dim sum, i'll hit up the city - cold spring (which is 20 minutes from poughkeepsie) is less than an hour by car to manhattan.
            check out my other post, there was some discussion of where to get asian groceries in this area, applesauce and a couple other people made some cool recommendations.

            1. re: madkittybadkitty

              The OP did seem to indicate that if unable to locate provisions in area, they would go down to The City.
              White Plains is a good hours less drive time and bit easier to get around and park in.
              That said, you seem to have given some good local ideas to them.

          2. btw, which are the ones that you found? i saw one while driving along route 9 somewhere, called mid-hudson asian grocery or mid-hudson oriental grocery, i don't remember which. is that a mainly indian or mainly chinese grocery, do you know?

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            1. re: madkittybadkitty

              there's one by price chopper which mainly has thai stuff, but their supply isn't very consistent.

              there's a pak/indian place further down route 9, it's in wappingers or fishkill, in a small strip mall, south side of route 9, that i haven't been to.

              there's also an indian place on route 9 north next to half time (great beer place - best in northeast, if not the country?) which has lots o' indian goodies and periodic indian hot foods.

              1. re: bob gaj

                the thai place by price chopper (i'm assuming you're talking about the one in the tj maxx plaza) has been closed for awhile now.

                bob, i've been very curious of that grocery store next to half time--i think it's called krishna groceries. have you had their lunch/dinner takeaway specials and what did you think? better than taj mahal or bombay grill?

                1. re: applesauce23

                  thanks RE: thai spice place...i haven't been there in a while, not surprised they closed; the woman stopped getting "new" spices because the cost of gasoline rose so much.

                  i only had the lunch takeway from krishna one time, it was ok. nothing special, can't even remember what i had, so i can't give it thumbs up or down. we've been lazy and tended to go kabab palace (across from price chopper) when we want indian; the place near vassar was one of the worst meals i've ever had, so zero chance we'd go back there.

                  sad to say, haven't tried the other two indian places you mentioned; we're more likely to get up to red hook than down to beacon for it, however.

                  oh, the indian/pak place that i mentioned before is kitty-corner to the 7-11 on route 9, just south of toyota of wappingers falls. no idea if the store is good or not...