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Jun 16, 2009 02:40 PM

Need a good place to order birthday cake

Have a birthday coming up and I am looking to order a cake for the weekend of the 26th. I want white (or vanilla) cake with buttercream icing..where should I order from?? I was thinking of trying C.B.K cookies..any thoughts?? Not looking for anything fancy just a good old birthday cake with that ridiculous sweet icing. Thanks!

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  1. Also only looking for places in Manhattan.

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          Best classic American birthday cake (butter cake layers with buttercream frosting and filling) is Billy's Bakery. Original location is in Chelsea--9th Ave and 20-something; new store in Tribeca.

        2. Food Emporium makes delicious custom made birthday cakes

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            Food Emporium, I agree. They make mini cakes too!

          2. Good Enough to Eat, on Amsterdam and 83rd. It's a restaurant, but you can order their cakes. Try a slice of their incredible coconut cake. They can make it for you without the coconut, and it's exactly what you're looking for.

            1. Thanks so much for all of the suggestions!!

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                My favorite simple birthday cake is from Sugar Sweet Sunshine on the lower east side.

              2. Tribecca Treats
                Whole Foods (had a great one from them once)