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Jun 16, 2009 02:04 PM

Need Help with Early Dinner in Alhambra

Hi Everyone,

Please let me know a restaurant you would recommend for an early dinner at 4:30PM on a Thursday. There will be around 17 people, adults and kids. We want to host a dinner for our family members before attending my daughter's kindergarten graduation ceremony. My problem is that many places do not open until 5:00PM. We prefer a restaurant closer to Atlantic and Main. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks...

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  1. Try Wahib's for middle eastern.

    Open from 11 am. to 10 pm.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Thanks for the reminder...Wahib is a good choice.

    2. Try Shakas Hawaiian and be sure to get the bacon fried rice.

      1. Try Genoveses on Main Street. Great pizza and pasta. I personally stick to the pizza. Charlie's Trio on Alhambra Road and Huntington aren't bad.

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        1. re: ohdaylay

          Ahh Ive been to Genoveses several times and there is no way 17 people will fit inside....And the pizza is the only thing worth ordering there for sure...

          1. re: monkey

            True, the place is a tight fit. Vittoria's on Valley might be better for a group that large. Bun 'n' Burger on Main Street is a pretty cool spot. It's near Granada. Twohey's on Atlantic and Garfield works. Get the onion rings if you do.