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Jun 16, 2009 01:37 PM

Napa: Clemente's malfatti at Val's Liquor?

When I was having breakfast at Alexis Baking, I noticed a sandwichboard for an Italian Deli next door.

I walked in and there was a walk-up window for ordering various items such as malfatti and other pastas, pot roast and a few other things.

I remembered a discussion about malfatti sold out of a liquor store. This place also offered a discount for bringing your own container ... but .. it just didn't sound exactly the same. There was a banner over the door celebrating a first anniversary and from my memory the malfatti place was a long-time Napa institution.

Doing a search it was this other place I was thinking of

Malfatti and Ravioli from Lawler's Liquors, Napa

It turns out the family that once sold at The Depot is now at Val's ... at least according to yelp. Anyone tried the food here?

Clemente's at Val's Liquor
1531 3rd St, Napa, CA

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  1. Did a report of the Clemente's malfatti compared with Lawler's here

    I forgot to add the menu

    Ravioli $4.50 per dozen
    Malfatti $4.50 per dozen
    Gnocci $5.50 per dozen
    Spaghetti $4.50 per pint, $9 per quart
    Minestrone soup $5 per pint, $9.75 per quart
    Meat sauce $6.75 per pint, $12 per quart
    Bread $3 per loaf, $1.75 half loaf, $1 quarter loaf
    Green salad $3 each person

    Regular specials
    Beef pot roast $8.99 per pint
    Chicken saute sec $7.99 per pint
    Veal scallopini $10.99 per pint
    Scallopini sandwich $7.99 each
    Pot roast sandwich $6.99 each

    If you don't bring your own containers here's the charges
    Pint 45 cents
    Quart 55 cents

    There's also a $40 family dinner that feeds 4-6 that includes ravioli, malfatti, minestrone soup, loaf of bread, spaghetti and 2 liter soda ... container charge $3.35 ... bring your own.

    While I preferred Lawler's malfatti, I plan to try one of the sandwiches in the future. It is a really cool set up. Walk up to the little window in the liquor store and they give you a receipt where you pay at the liquor store register. Then take a seat and wait.

    Peering through the window there's a kitchen with lots of action going on ... pots being stirred, veggies being chopped.

    Until Places can be updated, here's the hours

    Close Mondays
    Tue-Sun 11am - 8 pm

    Liquor store hours
    Mon-Sat 7am - 11pm
    Sun 7am - 10 pm

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    1. re: rworange

      Vals liquor is the guy that did malfatti and raviolis at the Depot a Napa Italian Restaurant for many years where you would bring in your pot/container entering thru the back at the kitchen and they would fillerup.The Depot closed several years back and that restaurant has changed many times. Its currently a new italian restaurant that just opened a few months ago.Its in a hard to find location behind a used auto lot on Soscal. The Depot man opened his malfatti/ravioli buisness at Vals about a year ago,
      I dont think there malfatti's or raviolis are very good there like mush
      However Lawlers liquor on Jefferson sales malfatti/ravioli and they are very good. You can bring in a container or they have them. They also sell lasagne that the mother makes in the back kitchen and you take home and bake. Its good its a bargain and feeds a truck load of people.

      1. re: mick

        Yeah, I liked Lawler's malfatti better, but I'm intrigued by the pot roast.

        Have you had one of the sandwiches at Lawlers? I'm intrigued since they are $3.50 and I'm wondering if they come on the Italian bread.

        Have you tried the latest incarnation of that Italian restaurant in the Depot location?

        Lawler's Liquors
        2232 Jefferson St, Napa, CA

        1. re: rworange

          Hane not had one of the sandwiches or tried the new italian restaurant.