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Jun 16, 2009 01:31 PM

Lunch in Voorhees

Need suggestions for an inexpensive business lunch in Voorhees. Please advise!!

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  1. Simply some suggestions in Voorhees, IMO lunch menu is reasonable.
    If this is not what you had in mind, provide additional details about type of cuisine, and price point and maybe others will have some ideas.

    Hope this helps

    1. Ritz Seafood, as Shabbystorm points out, is an excellent choice.

      1. This might be a bit too casual for a business lunch, but I've always had pretty good experiences at Main Street Pub.

        1. I recently ate at Ritz Seafood for the first time during a visit with a friend who just moved to Voorhees. I liked Ritz Seafood but she did not. The place is not very dressy and I never achieved a sense of comfort there, but their prices for lunch are reasonable and service was fast and efficient. Ritz is an casual Oriental establishment that might not be the best environment for a business meeting -- you would need to dine in the place to understand what I'm referring to. I ordered boulliabase (sp?) and it was a lot of food for the money but it was lacking in depth of flavors. My friend ordered lobster salad which was a massive mound of greens with lemon vinegarette with poached lobster on top for about $15. Their signature dessert is a triple layer lemon coconut pie that is PHENOMENALLY scrumptious!!!! I've never eaten or witnessed such an incredibly delicious dessert as that.

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            The Pufferbelly on the corner of the Lindenwold train station has a great salad bar along with good sandwiches.

          2. Thanks for your suggestions...the lunch is postponed until next week so if there are other suggestions keep them coming. It is a very casual lunch my husband works for public TV and his budget is very limited.

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              The garlic parm chicken wings at Passariello's pizza (next to the Voorhees Hampton Inn) are heavenly.