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Jun 16, 2009 01:25 PM

BBQ Chimney Starters

I looked in about four hardware stores over the weekend and couldn't find a chimney starter anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find one, preferaby downtownish? Thanks in advance.

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  1. FWIW my friend used to partake in charcoal-lighting contests in college and the fastest way to get your charcoals burning is a small vial of liquid oxygen.

    Failing that, you just need to move more oxygen to the charcoal. The way the chimney works (as i understand it) is it creates air movement as heat escapes through the top of the chimney and more oxygen is then drawn through the bottom; unfortunately hot air only rises at a certain speed, and you can do better if you have some way to provide more oxygen to the charcoal instead of the chimney.

    He recommended some sort of fanning (I guess to functions like a bellows) to provide oxygen faster than a chimney will.


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      Forgot to answer the question at hand:

      if you can bum a ride up to vaughn mills area, these guys are supposed to carry them:

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        Thanks for the response...I'm having a hard time finding a chimney starter so I'm not sure how easily I can track down liquid oxygen though.

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          A hair dryer would probably work...

        2. Try the Home Hardware on Roncesvalles - they have a decent BBQ section. I picked up my Weber chimney there, and they had a lower priced version too (you may still want to call before heading over).

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            I actually did try there since it's around the corner and no luck. The Canadian Tire at the Eaton Centre was a no go too.

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            1. Ontario BBQ (the place gegtik posted) should definitely have them. Sobies will also probably have them, they're at Willowdale and Sheppard.

              IMO, it's worth it to get the Weber version. I bought a cheap one the first time, and the handle was sketchy, to say the least. The Weber also has a second handle that makes dumping the coals easier.

              I'd call Sobie's to see if they have the Weber, if I recall correctly, I bought the cheapie one there...

              1. Lowes is the place to go. They carry the Weber chimney starter for $20. It has a larger capacity than most others. I'd call to make sure they have stock before you go though.

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                  The Weber one at Lowes is $10 cheaper than anywhere else. Of course, you can buy something other than a Weber, but why? Go with the best. I've use mine the last two nights and it works great.

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                    I'm with ya on the Weber. I had a cheaper version before and it's kinda fallen apart. It's also about half the capacity too.

                    What I do with my chimney is two pieces of newspaper sprayed with cooking oil (Pam). Load them on the bottom and in the top I put lump first with briquettes on top of that. It's going strong in about 15 minutes.