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Jun 16, 2009 01:16 PM

Desperately trying to find traditional pub food in London

Hi all,
This is my very first posting.

I just came across the website tonight. A Fantastic find:)

I am an Australian who has been working in London for the last five months ( a food tragic, Borough markets the only option for a girl to shop...forget about clothes!)and my contract is about to finish, so I am about to go home via France.( that is for another posting).

I have had the pleasure of eating in plenty of traditional english pubs in Wales,Gloucester,Oxford and Norfolk but I am yet to find one in London. I have friends coming to visit in a weeks time, who have not been to the UK for 20 years. They lived here and have a very romantic view of what it is like to eat in a pub( traditional English food). I have only experienced those average Gastro-Pubs! Who came up with that name??? Some of my experiences have been Gastro.... not Gastronomic!

Currently living in Clapham but I have heard that the 'Dove' in Hammersmith is good for a Sunday lunch.
Can anyone help?

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  1. Hi Isabella,


    Not sure form your post if you want an excellent gastro pub or are really looking for a pub that serves English pub food from 20 years ago (not advisable!)

    The Harwood Arms in Fulham serves excellent food, full stop. It maybe a bit restauranty during the week but does more of Sunday roast menu at Sunday luchtimes.
    It's my new fave at the moment & I would recommend it highly.

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    1. re: Paprikaboy

      Hi Paprikaboy,
      I was looking for english pub food from 20 years ago but I do take your advice....Don't do it!
      Food sounds fantastic.... I so far have not come across anything like it....I must be living in the wrong area for food like this in a pub as I have only come across it in restaurants.

      Thank you.

      Do you have any others as they are here for a week, maybe with more traditional looking decor. I know....I am being difficult but just trying to cover all my bases with the travellers:)
      For non pub meals I am taking them to Tsunami in Clapham ( brilliant if you like French/japanese food) and Galvins in Regent street( for good french Bistro Food).

      1. re: IsabellaD

        The Atlas in west brompton ( one stop on the overground from Clapham Junction) is a very traditional, English pub which serves excellent food with a Mediterranean twist. A bit more rustic and pubby than the Harwood. You cant go wrong...

          1. re: foreignmuck

            I love the Atlas and their sister The Fox & Hounds...

            but they're both mediterraean food, with not a chip in sight - not quite traditional.

          2. re: IsabellaD

            I'm not sure what your budget is, but if I were you, I would give Galvins a miss (unless you are heading to their restaurant Windows for the view?) and head to Trinity in Clapham. The food is absolutely outstanding - I think it won restaurant of the year last year (which I was upset about as it meant getting a table was more difficult!).They have a pretty good deal on their meny prix fixe. Try to get there before heading back to Oz if you can.

            1. re: pj26

              To echo that sentiment, my meal at Galvin bistro de luxe was merely above average.

              1. re: pj26

                i've never been sure about Trinity, just doesn't seem as good as when Byatt was at Thyme. but plenty of people do seem to like it.

                I love Racine for french bistro food though.

                1. re: batfink23

                  Racine's food is excellent, but the prices are steep, which is what one would expect in that neighbourhood.

                2. re: pj26

                  Budget is not a concern, as you only live once and Life is too short for bad food!

                  Love the look of Trinity and I have been to Galvins a number of times ( lHave been lucky ,not had a bad meal yet) so i think i will give Trinity a go. It is much closer to home as well:)
                  Thank you.

            2. How about giving the White Horse in Parson's Green a try? I had a very well made meal recently at the Duke of Wellington in Marylebone, basically a sunday roast.

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              1. re: limster

                A few reviews I've read of the Duke of Wellington call it a French restaurant/pub. Is that true during the week I wonder? It does get very good press, but the slant seems to be Gallic.

                1. re: limster

                  Hi Limster, It does seem a bit more of a restaurant but we are looking for somewhere for the Sunday roast. How was it?

                  1. re: IsabellaD


                    The downstairs part is basically a pub, where I ate; haven't been upstairs, so perhaps that might be the more "restauranty" part.

                    Here's a link to an older post:

                    I basically had sunday roast there and liked it.

                    I've only been there on a Sunday, but cimui (in the thread I linked) thinks that it's "run-of-the-mill pub-style" although whether it's also the sunday menu is not clear.

                2. Try The Beehive in Crawford Street, W1, The Grenadier in SW1 or The Charles Lamb in N1.

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                  1. re: miss chicken wing

                    Thank you:) The Grenadier looks like a great on to take them for a drink. Has all the right looks about it!

                    1. re: IsabellaD

                      The Grenadier was the first-ever pub I went to... back in the Stone Age. If it's still the same (and I'm sure it is), the atmosphere is perfect for a visitor. It's tucked away on a side street and is very picturesque. I can't vouch for food there - it was good when most of the food in London was not. :-)

                      1. re: IsabellaD

                        the grenadier's mews location and rickety , old school decor is almost what one would hope to see in the country but its slap in the middle of the city , fantastic . It oozes character ,and yes ,most customers are monied american businessmen but maybe said american businessmen know a good thing when they find it ! On the other hand it doesnt have quite the same atmosphere as it used to , the infamous bloody mary is not upto the grade since the past landlord left but most importantly -- the food is poor (but to be honest thats always been the case ) . I still love the pub but never to eat in . Its usually a great place for an early sharpener before the bargain priced lunch menus at marcus wareing or zafferano .

                        1. re: millema

                          I will take your advice and go for a drink if only just to take in the decor:)

                          1. re: IsabellaD

                            The Grenadier is not at all a bad spot, but it's a bit like having a drink on a film set. More real world are The Antelope in Eaton Terrace and The Star Tavern in Belgrave Mews West (Star does excellent non-Gastro pub food).

                    2. most traditional pubs never served food beyond scratchings and a pickled egg.
                      maybe the odd pork pie.

                      I'm not sure its clear what you're looking for.

                      1. Actually we've had some very good pub food at The Lamb on Lamb's Conduit, which is a superb pub at any time.

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                        1. re: Joan Kureczka

                          Looks great! Thank you for the suggestion. Added to the list:)