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Jun 16, 2009 12:55 PM

[SAT](salty)Citrus - Hotel Valencia

They should probably change the name of the restaurant to "SALT" instead of Citrus.

Don't get me wrong. Citrus is probably the best kept secret in San Antonio river walk area. A very romantic and intimate little restaurant tucked in the gorgeous hotel valencia. We were just there the past Sunday evening and we practically had the whole restaurant by ourselves. The wait staffs were helpful and friendly. The crab cake was the best I've had so far... so creamy but vibrant at the same time. The only and the biggest complain was that all dishes were very salty. So salty that I had to keep drinking water the whole night after dinner.

I really want to go there again to try other dishes. Is there anything there less salty? The fish dishes maybe?

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  1. I was supposed to have dinner there one Saturday night last summer. The hotel and restaurant are really cool and hip looking. The service was soooo bad we actually left before ordering our food. I had ordered a bottle of wine that we seriously waited 20 minutes for and then gave up. It never came. Our water glasses and bread basket sat empty. The place was mostly empty. We left and went to Biga on the Banks. Im glad we did.

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      I have to say the service has been greatly improved from your experience last year, or maybe we just got lucky and had a great waiter? I am more concerned about the food. I really hate to see a little gem like this go...