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Jun 16, 2009 12:49 PM

Best Korean in San Antonio?

Any reccomendations?


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  1. IlSong Garden just off Blanco Rd. and Loop 410 is the only Korean restaurant I know of in SA. It's quite good, as far as I can tell. The seafood soup and the hot pots are delicious, but not having anything to compare it to, I can only say try it out. I do love Chef Cacy's hand with fish and her kimchee is super smelly and utterly scrumptious! Maybe others can lead you to different Korean spots. If so, let me know what you liked as I really like trying all the ethnic food places I can find. Thanks

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      I really like this authentic restaurant called Koreana on Harry Wurzbach. There is a Korean market called Seoul Oriental Food Market‎ near by and has a little restaurant in it. I haven't yet tried the restaurant in the market but it looks very authentic without any visible English menu on the wall... GL!

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        If it's still there, my favorite is the Korean Bbq. place on Rittman, owned by the same people as Il Song Garden. I love going there for there Kim Chee soup. It's something I crave! They have really great mandoo as well.

        1. re: kerry.johnson

          the Korean BBQ place on Rittiman road is very good but the service leaves alot to be desired. Make sure you are not too hungry when you get there - you will have plenty of time to wait! But the shrimp pancakes are certainly worth it. The bulgogi (sp) is very good too.

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        I'll agree on Ilsong Garden for my current favorite.

        My previous favorite Korean place was Go Hyang Jib ... that was when it was owned by Chef Cacy. It rated as the best in town at that time. Apparently he has a knack! Prior to going there I was unfamiliar w/ Korean vegetable pancakes ... they were greasy then, they are greasy now ... apparently it's hard NOT to be greasy when frying food :-)

        I also used to love to order the Spicy Whole Fish at Wang Goong at 4429 Walzem Rd 210-590-2600 but I heard that it's closed. In a strip mall next to a Korean church & a liquor store. I don't live in that corner of town anymore, so it may have met its demise. It wasn't fancy, and that's all I ever got there. But since then I've figured out how to make that fish myself. Anyone want the Rx, let me know.

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          I've been meaning to try Ilsong Garden, any specific recommendations? I've considered going there if I can't get into Dough, but I may need to make a directed effort.

          1. re: saeyedoc

            The Dragon's Eggs appetizer is remarkable.
            Among the Korean vegie pancakes, the waiter recommended the Shrimp pancake & I agree it was very good ... it's greasy ... so a bit of soy sauce on top & lotsa cold beer helps fix that.
            The Hike Korean Beer is just a Korean Budweiser ... I preferred the Bass ale. YMMV
            I had the BiBimBap ... it didn't knock my socks off. Good ... but not great.
            But I don't think you could go wrong w/ the old standby of Bulgogi ... of whatever meat (or mix of meats) you'd like.
            Remember, most Korean entrees come w/ 6-8 side-dishes ... be careful not to over-order.
            I've heard their Kimshee Soup is good
            & I was eyeballing their sweet & sour fish ... but that woulda been overordering.
            We went for both the green tea ice cream & the deep fried ice cream ... I'd recommend you pick 1 or the other. The green tea ice cream is subtle ... the fried has nestle's choc syrup on top of it ... and it swamps your tastebuds.

            The 2 of us got outta there for about $72 (incl tip) ... but I wasn't being shy about ordering new things to me. For anyone on a budget, it can be done for 1/2 that if you limit the # of drinks, lose the dessert, & choose the less pricey items. The website has the menu.

            Let me know if you try something else & like it.
            PS: The vegie pancake is good take-home ... better heated up.