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Jun 16, 2009 12:42 PM

ISO Hidden Gems in Greensboro and Winston Salem NC

I am looking for the best of the best in terms of small, family run, made from scratch cooking. Please let me know if you know of any 'secret' dining spots in Greensboro or Winston Salem, NC. I am not interested in eating at fancy, expensive places or chains... please tell me about the local favorites!


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  1. do a board search for meat and three, vietnamese and mexican places. that is where the hidden gems are here. Unfortunately most local family run places have a sysco truck pulling up every week. Also try a few barbecue places - lil richards, mr. bbq. even though it is a small chain I would include harpers. no a hidden gem but with decent cooking.

    1. I would put Bianca's in Greensboro in that category. Its an italian restaurant near the coliseum. Great food, very small, family owned and run. Meta's and Murphy's in W-S come to mind as well...downtown meat and three places. Bell Brothers is an out of the way cafeteria out near Smith Reynolds airport that has tasty, but not healthy food. lol Ted's Kickin Chickin on S. Main and out near Pfafftown fits the bill. Nitty Gritty Soul Cafe is good, and certainly qualifies as a hidden gem. Skippy's on 4th Street in W-S is great for hot dogs.

      1. She-Crab Soup at Bleu is my favorite W/S hidden gem. At lunch you can find She-Crab Soup and half a sandwich on their $7 menu. I had the soup and half a Cuban sandwich on good baguette a couple of days ago and was delighted. Husband had meat loaf and was disappointed. But at a table of 7 or 8 men next to us, all ordered the soup. It is delicious.

        1. If you're interested in a diner-type restaurant, try Cloverdale Kitchen in W-S. Great breakfast place, family run, etc.

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            Lordy lordy. Is that the place near Baptist Hospital? Right across the street, in the old shopping center?

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              I think that would be the place you are referring to...its not right across the street from Baptist, but up the street a little ways. In a shopping center at the corner of Cloverdale and Miller Streets. There is a Harris Teter in the center. Not sure about the age of the center...its been renovated fairly recently.

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                Wow. Used to go to Cloverdale Kitchen back in the 70's with my mom. I loved their pigs in a blanket, link sausages rolled up in pancakes. I'm really happy to hear the food is still good. Next time I'm in town, I'm going.


                1. re: uptown jimmy

                  Yeah, its still going strong. The 2 sons of the couple that started it own it now and run it. They are there every day (and the mother is too). Truly family-owned and operated, and a real institution in W-S.

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                    Wonderful. That makes me so happy. I miss my hometown so badly sometimes...

          2. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I will check them out before heading out. I will still take any more recommendations though... I am really interested in places that have character and interesting food. Thanks for your help!