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Jun 16, 2009 12:37 PM

Paris dinner for 2 under $500 in August

A friend wants to treat his parents (in their 60s) to a nice Paris dinner ($500 max) and has asked me for advice. They prefer authenticity to touristy and need to avoid lots of shellfish due to allergy. I've searched CH for some recommendations..perhaps Josephine and La Regalade? It would be nice to have them experience a 3 star meal (I've had the grand fortune of eating at Michel Bras) but it appears that $500 won't get one there for a dinner in Paris. The other difficulty is that they'll be there in AUGUST. I've informed my friend that nobody else will be there except his parents. :) I assume chefs are en vacance too. Any hound advice is much appreciated. Merci bien.

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  1. I think Joséphine is open indeed and that sounds like a great idea. You could do lunch at le Cinq too, if you're careful with the drinking (not the quantity, just the cost). La Régalade is definitely closed in August as are most little bistrots.

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      Thanks for the info about la Regalade being closed. Very helpful, indeed. I can only hope that my children are so kind one day to treat me to such a meal. ;)

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        A lunch deal at le Cinq will sometimes end up costing less than a dinner in a standard bistrot or brasserie, and certainly won't be less festive.