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Jun 16, 2009 12:24 PM

Community Sustainable Seafood Recipes

So, we on the Boston board are all getting our first shares from our Community Sustainable Seafood pick-up...This means a whole (4-6 pound) whopping, fresh, cod this week. Mine is currently in the coolest spot in the frig; they're so fresh, they're still in rigor-mortis.
So, how will I cook this fresh, piscine jewel? To roast whole, perhaps in tomato sauce and olives and potatoes, or fennel? To butcher (literally, and figuratively), into steaks? Or fillets?

What are you other recipients of Cape Ann's largesse doing this week?

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  1. Whole fish roasted in salt retains the fresh flavor of the fish, keeps it tender juicy.

    You can go all out and use good sea salt but we just use kosher salt. I haven't done this in a while but it's time to go back to it.

    1. Oh fun idea galley!

      We filleted the cod last night choosing not to grill whole. One fillet for three people is plenty. I cut the fillet into three portions, seasoned with salt and pepper and then floured the "skin" side [which I had skinned.] This is the method advocated in Fish Without a Doubt. Meanwhile I made a mustard butter sauce from this same cookbook. Served with Drumlin Farm lettuce salad and boiled whole new potatoes.

      Fillet number 2 will become fish and chips or fish tacos tomorrow night.

      I had several malformed and bony bits plus the meat from the head which I poached in a court bouillon of wine, water, shallots, celery and fresh thyme. This was almost a half pound of fish. I boiled one yukon potato and made some mashed potatoes. Crumbled the fish in my fingers to remove all the bones and dumped into the potato bowl. Some salt, pepper, lemon juice and thyme, plus just enough bread crumbs to hold the mixture together. Formed into 5 fish cakes, dredged in more crumbs and stuck into the freezer for a quick lunch later on. One cake made it to a sick relative's house for their lunch with a little of the mustard sauce on top.

      Cage and head went into a new freezer bag marked "Fish for Stock." I will wait a couple of weeks to make my fumee with collections from several weeks.

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        I'm thinking the cod is too big to roast whole, given the recipes I've read. I think I'll give in, and cut it into fillets, and saute....
        I like your fish taco idea a lot.
        But then again, I thought of cutting it into steaks, and making a caldeirada, Potuguese fish casserole where you layer everything and it poaches together in 45 minutes or so...My favorite recipe is here...
        Or maybe fish steaks cooked in spicy soya bean sauce, like they do at Taiwan Cafe.
        The thing is, I usually buy fish in steaks, but I wonder if hacking all the fish I get will damage my cleaver, which I really don't think is made for that. I got a filleting knife at eastern Bakers' Supply today (the Dexter one, $17) and I bought one of those "dog brush" fish scalers, made out of aluminum, for $16. I know everyone says use the back of a knife, but even tho I'll eat heads, eyeballs, and all whole fish parts, scales just SKEAVE me out...

        1. re: galleygirl

          I didn't scale. The skin was smooth and I removed it anyhow. Last night it was raining to I reverted to indoor cooking. The casserole does sound marvelous. THere was enough meat on my fish to have done a combination. Steaks from near the head, fillet at the tail end [which has MANY fewer bones to remove.]

      2. I went for it and grilled mine whole. I put some herbs and lemon wedges in the cavity, rubbed the outside with lemon, oil, s & p. then put on oiled aluminum foil as far away from the main coals as I could, but the fish was pretty big and had to be wrapped around and pinched under the lid.
        It was so good. I read that you should grill a large whole fish 10 minutes per inch of thickness and my guy was about 3 inches thick so I left it on the gril about 25 minutes and then pulled it and let it rest for 5 minutes. It was my first time grilling or cooking a whole fish. I turned out perfectly and was cooked just right. The skin pulled right off and after cutting away the top filet, the cage came out in one whole piece.
        Another perk - no dish to clean.

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        1. re: Snowflake

          Okay, I'm doin' that...What do you think about finishing it over the flame, so the skin would be crispy?

          1. re: galleygirl

            the book I read advised to put it on the foil as more of a gurney to use to lift the fish off the grill when done. It also said not to move or flip as it could cause the fish to break up. I went with that and just left it alone. I was to afraid of it all falling into the coals. The skin on the top was crispy enough, the bottom skin was laying in the juice by the end of it so it wasn't crispy. But it all just pulled off. I threw the juice that gathered in the foil into a pan with cherry tomatos, lime juice and scallions I had lightly cooked. It made a nice sauce - that I didn't even need.

        2. I'm so glad you started this thread GG....I thought about it this morning but then we don't pick up our fish till Saturday. So.... is everyone getting cod this week? If so I better do some research with the seafood books I have.

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          1. re: Gio

            See, everyone who picks up later in the week can see what everyone else has done...I picked up pretty early, well, before 2, and I got a cod, so I guess it's running this week. Plus, they're on sale at Whole Foods, so you can figure they're really in season....
            I like this cod filleting video,
            after you watch this one...
            Damn, if you can figure out how to deliver a baby by watching the internets, why not filleting a fish?

          2. galleygirl, can you tell me whre this share is from and if its too late to sign up? Id love to just know more about it even if its too late for this year

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            1. re: cassoulady

              You can see more about this program at We didn't sign up but I think I'm starting to regret that :-)

              1. re: Chris VR

                i just emailed and suggested an additional pick up- maybe copley or city hall plaza farmers market.

              2. re: cassoulady

                Today's article in the Wall Street Journal, about US!!!
                Here is the webpage for Cape Ann Fresh Catch, which mentions the chowhound thread CHrisVR links to below...