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Jun 16, 2009 12:19 PM

Portland this weekend - itinerary critique!

My husband and I will be visiting Portland this weekend. It's not our first time in Portland but I only have vague memories of eating here last time, mostly centered on the Portland Farmer's Market, which sadly far exceeds the farmer's markets we have access to here in Vancouver. You guys are so lucky!

So here's my proposed eating itinerary, please give me your input if you can.

Portland Farmer's Markets (Pine State biscuits and gravy!)
Possible Lunch: Chef Naoko Bento Café
Possible snack: Sahagun
Happy hour: Ten01
Late Dinner: Pok Pok

Ken's Artisan Bakery
Late lunch: Apizza Scholls - opens at 4 PM
Dinner: Clyde Common or Toro Bravo

Bunk Sandwiches to go

We're leaving fairly early on Monday to make the long drive back to Vancouver. As you can see, we have a heavy day of eating on Saturday, because a lot of restaurants aren't open on Sunday! I'm sad to miss Tanuki, Ken's pizza, the Portland food carts and Biwa. I hope I can fit all of this in my stomach as it is!

What do you think of Clyde Common vs. Toro Bravo? And any recommendations for Sunday lunch? I considered Pambiche but I'm not sure about it, especially if we'll be visiting Toro Bravo later that evening. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Wow. I'm way too full even from reading it.
    This is certainly a stellar lineup.
    Can't find fault with any of it!

    Portland FM is a must, as you have mentioned. Get some Hood strawberries at the season's peak, the best you will ever taste.

    Seriously consider Evoe

    At Sahagun (5 minute walk to Ten01), look for the new iced chocolate or cocoa. Either will make you swoon. Also new is the single origin chocolate sherbet. All is made to order, of course.

    I'd do Toro Bravo. Go very early or late.

    Bunk is a great idea, but they have an annoying policy of not making lunch sandwiches until 11. On a weekend that's fine, but I often find myself wanting lunch earlier than that on Monday. I love the old school east coast vibe, and the ingredients and execution are top-notch.

    Another idea for Sunday lunch: Navarre. Oregonian just named it Restaurant of the Year, but I would have mentioned it in any case.

    Have a lovely trip. Please report!

    1. Looks like you'll be plenty busy! Sahagun's iced drinking chocolate is awesome but you ABSOLUTELY must have at least one Luscious Caramel and also as many Sunflower Drops as you can fit into you mouth. They'll blow your mind.

      If Bunk doesn't pan out, please keep in mind Little T's American Bakery on SE Division. Tasty stuff going on there.

      ...and I vote for Toro Bravo!

      1. If you go to Toro Bravo on Sunday night, don't let the hour long wait they quote scare you off. It rarely takes this long and you can have apps in their little waiting area.

        1. since Ten01 just got a new Chef and it seems to be in flux right now, I might skip the HH there and do Tanuki(opens at 4pm) instead.

          everything else looks great, although I would suggest bringing stretchy pants!:-)

          1. I've eaten at all of these places in the last 2-months. Tanuki would be the one must-visit place out of all of them... Nix the Bento Cafe and Ten-01 and visit Tanuki.