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Jun 16, 2009 12:18 PM

Real Barbeque in CT.

Now that the Cookhouse in East Hartford is closed, is there any good barbeque in CT. or Southern Mass.? I mean real smoke, slow-cooked ribs, brisket etc.? New Haven? I remember a few years back, a guy in a gas station did a great job, Is he still around? Where?

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    A listing of CT BBQ places, several of which are reviewed . The site covers all New England and NYC . The website author is a certified BBQ judge and I found his reviews to be very accurate . Just over the border in southern MA is BT Smokehouse - only a few minutes off the Sturbridge exit prior to getting on the MASS PIKE - which also has excellent BBQ .

    1. This has been an ongoing talked-to-death subject. I would suggest you do a New England board search.
      My map has Q places.
      They will be the dark red balloons with black dots. These also represent steak houses.

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        So, for a newb to this forum, any cliff's on the overdiscussed discussions? How about relatively lower-priced smoked brisket in northeastern CT or central/southern MA?

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          I am not a person who has tried too many places in upper CT or MA. However, I have done research and can direct you to my maps. Here is one map with two places (Little Mark's and BT's Smokehouse) that meet your criteria:
          The next time I drive to Boston I will be ready!
          I am reticent to recommend or agree with comments about places in CT that I have not been to. I have faith in some people, like bagelman01, that they know quality BBQ.
          Also see

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            It's not on your map, but if you drive to Boston, make sure to hit Blue Ribbon BBQ, right off the Mass Pike or 95, just outside of Boston. Pigtrip says that, "For lunch, takeout or a quick BBQ meal, Blue Ribbon Bar-B-Q is one of the best, if not the best, in not just the Boston area but in the entire Northeast."

      2. The gas station guy was Joe Grate at the intersection of Dixwell and Orchard. Unfortunately, he expanded into a small restaurant on Dixwell (about #1400) and only lasted a couple of years.

        He is missed.

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          Joe will be selling BBQ this Saturday in Hamden at the Strawberry Festival @ Hindinger Farm.

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            Sounds like you are looking for places in northern CT, but if you make your way down to Fairfield there is a place called Wilson's on the Post Road. They are only open Thr - Sun. Awesome stuff. Smoked Ribs, pulled pork, brisket, pulled chicken. The pulled pork and pulled chicken are my favorite. Awesome black-eye-pea salad and cole slaw, too. It's the real deal. The owner (Wilson) travels and competes nationally and wins a lot of competitions down south.

            1. re: cannedpoo

              Did anyone go and try Joe Grate's BBQ? We did not go because of rain.

            2. re: bagelman01

              Funny that I intended to go to Joe's place (where The Terrace, a Thai restaurant now is-1559 Dixwell Ave), then it seemed closed, then I think it burned.
              I intend to look him up at Hindinger Farm.
              If he is selling Q this weekend, does he do any other regular outings locally?

            3. Do you know when and why the cookhouse closed? Is the other location still open?

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              1. re: bmgsmg72

                The original New Milford location is still open, and presumably going strong. All their other locations have closed.

                1. re: rbailin

                  That's the (only) one I ate at a number of times and I found it pretty good. The bikers sure do hit it hard on the weekend when the weather is nice! That was years ago, though.

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                    Thats really sad but i guess BBQ food is a higher price range (then a normal burger or hot dog) and most people cant really afford to go out and eat and spend that much on a lower class restaurant. Im not saying the food is low class by any means but for a casual place the prices are just too on most items.