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Jun 16, 2009 12:15 PM

Real Italian Bakery in North Raleigh

For all you transplants, like me, I wanted to let you know about a newly opened Italian cafe and bakery in Raleigh. It's called Cafe Buongiorno and is located in the Shoppes at Bedford - in the Bedford subdivision off Falls of the Neuse Road in North Raleigh. After the Raleigh area lost several Italian bakeries over the years, I think this one could be my salvation.

I happened upon this gem while my friend and I were house hunting in the area. It was a hot, sticky day and we saw the cafe and decided to pull in for the gelato they were advertising in the window. Walking it, I was gobsmacked when I was face to face with a pastry and cookie case the likes of which I haven't seen since my last trip back to New Jersey.

We did sample the homemade gelato - which was divine and offered in something like 20 flavors. But, I must tell you about the cookies - oh the cookies! The Italian seven layer cookies were absolute heaven! They've got jam-filled butter cookies dipped in chocolate, pignoli cookies and so may more - some of which I bought and they were incredible - others saved for later trips looked just as good. The pastries varied from custard-filled "lobster tails" to cheesecakes to my own weakness: sfogliatelle: a crispy clam-like shell stuffed with a baked ricotta cream with pieces of candied fruit inside. I could have died a very happy human that day.

For anyone who loves sweets - whether you're an Italian Northerner like me - or not. I highly recommend this place. You can get directions to Bedford here:

Enjoy! Mangia!

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  1. Are they baking their own or is it brought in from elsewhere? And are they doing bread, too?

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      They are baking all their own goods. While there is no bread at the moment, all of the cookies, cakes & pastry are baked by the owner at his facility in Durham. I found out they do catering, too.

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        I, too, have visited the cafe and can attest that the gelato and cookies are both quite delicious! However, I must let you know that all of the baked goods are delivered from the New York- metropolitan area, not baked in-house. A true New Yorker can pick-out "imported" cookies and cakes in a heart beat. Still a great (and tasty!) place!

      2. Where do they get their gelato?

        1. Thought I'd bump this one up again. I intended to have lunch and take home cookies and pastry from Cafe Buongiorno since I was in the area today. I walked out without buying anything.

          The panini ranged from $6.99 - $8.99 each. That was a bit too steep for me just for a sandwich. I was told the price of the cookies was $12.99/lb. I found that very hard to swallow (pun intended). These were basic biscotti, piped cookies, and reginas. I didn't have the nerve to ask the price of the pignoli nut cookies. When I asked whether the filling on the very small sfogliatelle ($2.79/ea.) was custard, cream, or ricotta, I was told that it was cream. Either the OP was mistaken or the woman at the counter doesn't know her product. I asked twice so there shouldn't have been any misunderstanding.

          Veniero's will ship 2 lb. of assorted boxed biscotti for 13.50, a fancy 2 lb.tray for $17.90, or 12 full size sfogliatelle for $30.00. Even if those prices don't include shipping, I feel that may be a better value and I know their quality is excellent.

          1. LOBSTER TAILS IN RALEIGH?!?! Where was this bakery while I lived in NC?? *sigh*

            1. Today I went to Cafe Buongiorno and is located in the Shoppes at Bedford - in the Bedford subdivision off Falls of the Neuse Road in North Raleigh. The place is very nice and the people very friendly and that is where it ends. I ordered so pastries to take home and when I did ( an hour later ride) I found out that the sfogliatelle were as hard as a rock, the pasta chock (I ordered vanilla and got chocolate) which were crusty, the sprinkle dipped cookies were like rocks (the cookie after the dip was softer).
              This is one place I would not recommend for Fresh Italian pastry.

              Cafe Buongiornos
              3607 Falls River Ave, Raleigh, NC 27614

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                wow i'm very surprised by your experience, as i have had numerous pastries and cookies and was always surprised how fresh everything is! give them another try! they are great.