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Jun 16, 2009 11:39 AM

Taste London Card: any great deals?

Wondering about the Taste London card ( have been given a free one-month trial.

Are there any stand-out restaurants among the participating venues?

I am visiting next week and am interested in central/ central east options, any cuisine.


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  1. not many deal you can't get off other booking websites for free.

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    1. re: batfink23

      I was wondering about that, although I have seen some postings (such as on the Time Out website) where people thought the card offered good value over and above toptable etc.

      What I don't know is if any of the listed places are worth trying, or if these are mostly places that are making a last-ditch effort at survival.

      1. re: sinjawns

        if you check their website, you see who is listed.

        see for yourself, but my feeling is that it is the latter.

        1. re: batfink23

          Thanks batfink-- I have looked at the website but I don't know any of the places as I am visiting... rather than doing a reference check on the 300 or so places in my zones, wondering if anyone who has/had the card knows if there are some worthwhile places on the list...

          1. re: sinjawns

            I looked at the places in the Piccadilly section and must say I didn't recognize other than maybe 1 or 2 names. Of course, I don't know all that many restaurants but the names haven't shown up here that I've seen in a few years.

            A good place to check out a restaurant is

    2. Have you tried other means of getting discounts such as toptable ( 1eat discount club ( or gourmet society ( i cannot remember the website but I am sure you will find it on google


      If I were you my favourite restaurants:
      Bayswater Kiasu : a great malaysian food serving restaurant (when there make sure you order a local milk tea, absolutely deliscious


      When in covent garden check out Souk Medina (a great lebanese restaurant) if you are lucky you can even get to see the belly dancer show which passes yo uas you eat. When there order the local tea and watch it being poured from two meters above your table into a tiny cup.

      Let me know if you would like some recommendations on other restaurants, i have eaten in hundreds of places across London and learned my lessons the hard way ;-)

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      1. re: ecuhct

        "When in covent garden check out Souk Medina (a great lebanese restaurant)"

        Isn't this Moroccan rather than Lebanese?

        I'm thinking that with the menu emphasising tagine and couscous dishes and also having pastilla.

        1. re: Harters

          yes, true, but still really enjoy the restaurant; last time i was there the belly dancer show was amazing!

      2. I rate the card pretty highly. I had one for the best part of this year but misplaced it & it costs to replace so havent follwed up on it as nearly due to expire ...

        Also, alot of restaurants may not accept the card in December as it is a busy month already.

        anyway the restaurants that I mostly used it for were local to me in Putney & other West London locations, some places were stable successful establishments before I had the card & continued to be after I had it, so as suggested in earlie threads I dont beleive that it a last ditch effort to save themselves at all - at least not in all cases. Thai Square for example has been reviewed very highly in the past & they are part of it. Old fave near high street ken 'L' are are part & they have had a good following before the card.

        My suggestion is to find a restaurant in the area you wish to dineon the tastlondon website, google it for reviews & make a decision that way. In these things there will always be the good with the bad.

        Gay Hussar in central london springs to mind ... Good luck

        1. I find it pretty helpful for work lunches/dinners. I remember one dinner I did at the Clerkenwell Dining Room which was pretty good...we got 50% off. Bill would have been £350 but we got it for £175. Awesome. I remember I checked and didn't see the same offer there.

          1. I've had a card for about 3 years, it is quite amazing how good it is. Completely disagree that just restaurants that are struggling are on with them - loads of famous ones work with them as well as famous chains like Pizza Express (50% off everything) and u can't get those on the web elsewhere.
            Try Mint Leaf in the West End, amazing. Or Rivington Grill in Greenwich - best British Restaurant ive ever been to. Spoke to the manager there, they are owned by the Ivy, so not going anywhere!!!!