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Palos Verdes B-day meal Question

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I've never been to PV and am going this week, to stay overnight. Not a clear recommendation based on the search I did on the board.
Anywhere within 5-10 minutes of the coast to recommend for a dinner? We are quite open to possibilities, from the high-end to the simple and local. So a simple list of places to look further into would be enormously helpful.

Thank you.

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  1. Trump National Golf course could be a good option to consider. I have dined there on a number of occasions and I have never been disappointed. It is in Palos Verdes so the proximity is great. The restaurant is very nice and if the weather cooperates, you can't beat the view. Get there before sunset and walk around the grounds overlooking the ocean. I think you can see the menu with the link below, but if not, go to their website.

    Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles
    1 Ocean Trails Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

    1. my friend raves about the relocated chez melange. might want to give them a whirl.

      1. have had several good meals at Depot in Torrance. Great vibe, fun menu and gregarious and friendly owner/chef...also has a full bar. Location seems to fit the bill. Might be a fun place to go for someone's birthday.

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          I'll second the Depot. It's not PV, but it might just be the best food in the South Bay. Great service too .

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            Thx, saw that post too but very little on PV there. Trying not to drive too much...

          2. Within 5-10 min of the coast limits your options quite a bit. I've lived here a long time and don't think there is much decent food on the hill. Some like Christine's and Admiral Risty's, but if you're willing to drive to Redondo my fave place in the area is Izakaya Bincho. You'll find lots of threads about them and their wonderful food.

            1. Closest good restaurant that I am aware of is Christine, located in Torrance. But even that may be further than 10 min, depending on where in PV you are starting...some of the roads in and out of PV are windy and thus its a longer drive than it seems like it should be.

              1. Thank you so much, each of you, for taking a moment and suggesting spots. By the time we make it out there I don't want to drive much so Redondo is out, unfortunately. Trump I'm allergic to. It doesn't look good. But I haven't given up yet.

                1. Maybe this is where you are staying, but there are several eateries (including a "fine dining" restaurant) in the new Terranea Resort, which opened last weekend. Can't vouch for quality.

                  Food at the Trump golf club is supposed to be good, haven't been there either.

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                    Not much anywhere about the hotel's restaurants, not even a menu. Strange omission on the website. Unless there's something to hide.

                  2. Frascati's in the PV Shops area. Great for birthdays. Never disappointed.

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                      I Love the buffata at Frascati. I also order their specials; which seem to be very reasonable. Bring a good bottle of wine and the corkage is reasonable.

                    2. Locals really love the Admiral Risty, in Rancho Palos Verdes, for the fresh seafood. You won't have to leave the hill for dinner. 1960s nautical decor and great sunsets.

                      1. All info much appreciated. Let's see what happens once there... I don't see a clear choice yet.

                        1. There is a place on the Hill to eat: MAR'SEL.

                          It is one of the restaurants in Terranea, the new hotel. It is not a typical hotel restaurant; the chef is going out of his way to get everything from the Farmer's Markets and is finding excellent fish and meats. I had a wagyu beef ribeye that was perfect, for example. My friends had the salmon and the halibut, each quite good. The house made foie gras terrine in pistachio crust is superb.
                          I didn't have high expectations but totally enjoyed myself. The staff and chef are all exuberant about being there. The sommelier and our waiter were excited about the food and wine as they spoke, as if it is a labor of love.

                          I have to stop thinking about that steak.

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                            Glad to hear this. I satayed at Terranea this weekend and did not have a good experience at their restaurant California Kitchen at breakfast. We ended up going to the Admiral Risty for dinner- a locals favorite.
                            I'm also happy to hear that you found the staff to be good - at the other places around the hotel (Nelsons, Lobby Bar, California Kitchen) the staff was frantic and ill prepared ... with the exception of the quiet adult pool.

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                              I'm glad we took the risk, therefore. I tend to dislike hotel restaurants but this wasn't one. It may become one with time but that is not the staff's intention.

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                                quine9: What was wrong with your meal? We're thinking about going for a more casual dinner there this weekend with a visiting 8-year-old. Of course, we want the food to be pretty good and service to be decent. Maybe they're better after a couple weeks?

                                epop: What was the price range at mar'sel? Do you think it would appropriate for a youngster?

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                                  Entrees are about 35 but my steak was 45 or so. I'd say 100 per person, probably. I would go with children, sit outside. The hotel has many families. As I said the staff is especially nice, as of now.

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                                    A very belated reply. The food was so-so at the breakfast buffet - pretty standard buffet fare. Chilled crab claws were still partially frozen. Food was left sitting in the chafing dishes way too long and dried out. Slices of ham were found all over the counter .. a mess! The omelet and waffles were nice and fresh since they are made to order. They were not ready for the crowds when I went. The buffet was a disaster. Staff were standing around talking to eachother - not replenishing items that had clearly been sitting out way too long. Also, the layout is needs to be reconsidered - they put all of they chilled seafood right by the staff entrance to the kitchen. People are always drawn to the seafood and there was a line that blocked the staff entrance so there was a lot of bumbling around. Diners certainly felt in the way. Go before 10:30am and the buffet is less expensive .... and then you won't feel so bad about if you get sloppy service and sub par food.

                            2. There's great Moroccan restaurant on the San Pedro Side on Gaffey called Babouch. Good food and good prices. Even have belly dancing at night. I think a B-day party would be a hit there if you like exotic cuisine as such.

                              1. i am a local....admiral risty is a good safe bet for dinner....i like their cioppinos, steamed clams and flank steak beautiful sunset view except it is june gloom time....if you like vetnamese there is a place called pho hana in the peninsula center who has decent/good pho.....the red onion is in there as well for mexcian with good ambience.....there is a steak house that specialies in wagyu beef in fact the name is 'steak house' on rolling hills rd in the ralph's grocery mall.....
                                hope this helps....also old school chinese is fu yuan low in pen center