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Jun 16, 2009 11:34 AM

Palos Verdes B-day meal Question

I've never been to PV and am going this week, to stay overnight. Not a clear recommendation based on the search I did on the board.
Anywhere within 5-10 minutes of the coast to recommend for a dinner? We are quite open to possibilities, from the high-end to the simple and local. So a simple list of places to look further into would be enormously helpful.

Thank you.

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  1. Trump National Golf course could be a good option to consider. I have dined there on a number of occasions and I have never been disappointed. It is in Palos Verdes so the proximity is great. The restaurant is very nice and if the weather cooperates, you can't beat the view. Get there before sunset and walk around the grounds overlooking the ocean. I think you can see the menu with the link below, but if not, go to their website.

    Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles
    1 Ocean Trails Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

    1. my friend raves about the relocated chez melange. might want to give them a whirl.

      1. have had several good meals at Depot in Torrance. Great vibe, fun menu and gregarious and friendly owner/chef...also has a full bar. Location seems to fit the bill. Might be a fun place to go for someone's birthday.

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          I'll second the Depot. It's not PV, but it might just be the best food in the South Bay. Great service too .

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            Thx, saw that post too but very little on PV there. Trying not to drive too much...

          2. Within 5-10 min of the coast limits your options quite a bit. I've lived here a long time and don't think there is much decent food on the hill. Some like Christine's and Admiral Risty's, but if you're willing to drive to Redondo my fave place in the area is Izakaya Bincho. You'll find lots of threads about them and their wonderful food.