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Arbequina Olive Oil

I just had a wonderful meal at Toro Bravo in Portland, OR. They served this Arbequina Olive Oil apparently from California, and I wanted to know where I can find it here in Los Angeles!! I assumer Surfas but I want to know where I can get it for a good value.


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  1. I don't know about California but Arbequina is my olive oil of choice and I buy it at La Espanola in Harbor City.

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      Yeah, I researched it and notice it is definitely a Spanish olive oil. I am thinking that the packing and distribution company is from CA.

    2. Arbequina is a variety of olive "mostly grown in Catalonia, but also in Aragon, Andalusia and even Argentina," according to Wikipedia. Here in New York, I buy Catalan Arbequina olive oil from Fairway Market, which will ship it to you. See http://www.fairwaymarket.com/shop/hom....

      1. trader joe's carries a California Estate olive oil (in a tall, skinny dark green bottle) that is 100% Arbequina. At $6, that's worth a try. I use it as my every day oil. Not fancy-pants, but quite servicable, and you can't beat the price or the availability!

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          I use this as my everyday oil too. It's quite decent and beats by far pretty much every other semi-affordable EVOO available at chain groceries.

        2. Rancho Olivos has a very good one.....they're in wine country in Santa Ynez. They have tasting on weekends...but they also have a website.

          1. Whole Foods has an olive oil from 100% Arbequina olives as well. don't know the $ though.

            1. So, Schweinhaxen, what did you find and where? Is it any good? Let us know!

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                Arbequina olive oil from California Olive Ranch. You can find it at the Silverlake Cheesestore and Whole Foods carries it although I've only been able to find a blend and not the 100% version there.
                It's a fantastic olive oil.

              2. There is a chain of stores called "WE OLIVE". There is one in Belmont Shore. They sell an early harvest arbequina by the ounce, it's really spicy and sharp. The one I've had at the Cheesestore in Silverlake was a late harvest and it was soooo smooth. Really one of the best oils I've ever had.

                1. Adams Olives has it. They are a California olive farm and you can find them at all of the Santa Monica Farmers Markets.