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Jun 16, 2009 11:12 AM

COOLinary Specials

Here's the link to the Coolinary specials available in August and September:

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  1. that link does not go there for me. anyone else?

    1. No luck either. We took advantage last year and we are headed back in August. but I have not seen any listings.

      1. Here is the correct link:

        Several of the menus are not up yet, and I'm sure that more restaurants will be added to the list as the summer waxes on. I always thought that the Pelican Club was a steal for these types of deals. But no one else seems to agree.

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        1. re: Bocuse NOLA

          nah youre not alone. PC has one of the best offerings, imo. the filet + crabcake, and the tuna + scallops, both with generous sides and the app & dessert.

          i also felt Galatoire's had a lot of things available on their menu.

          Bacco's is doing their summer special for $25 right now (which includes the abita bbq shrimp and the lobster raviloli), just be sure to get in before 7:30pm.