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Stone Crab Claws at House of Chan - anyone tried them?

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So my brother is coming into town to visit and he heard that they have stone crab at House of Chan (he'd never heard of the restaurant one way or the other). We've both eaten them in Florida and they are very tasty, but very difficult to get into, the shells are like concrete (hence the name). I've never seen them on any menu up here.

Upon further investigation, I see that on the House of Chan website the stone crab is listed as coming from Joe's in Miami. Joe's is a famous stone crab restaurant down there (also well known for their Key Lime Pie, which HoC also seems to offer). They're listed as market price, which I'm sure is astronomical.

Has anyone tried them? Any idea about price, quality, etc? If there's anywhere else in town that has Stone Crab, I'll be pretty surprised, but I'd like to know about that, too. My brother seems to have his heart set on it.

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  1. Stone crab is not in season -- if they are serving them they are frozen (the season ends May 15). I have only eaten at house of Chan once a couple of years ago and it was not very good.

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