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Jun 16, 2009 10:32 AM

Dessert in Park Slope

Anyone have a favorite place to meet for just dessert in the neighborhood, other than Chocolate Room or Cocoa Bar? Curious to try something new, if possible.

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  1. Sweet Melissa's is a comfortable spot. I've only had scones and muffins there, but the other pastries look delicious.

    1. If you can get yourself a wee bit out of the neighborhood, go to One GIrl Cookies in Carroll Gardens. They have a lovely dessert menu, complete with wine pairings, and a tasting plate of the day's specials that is always a treat. The space tough limited is very snazzy in a cool modernist way. They may only serve on Friday and Saturday nights.

      One Girl Cookies
      68 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11201