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Jun 16, 2009 10:31 AM

KC and OP(KS) for Lunch

Greetings all.

My family is orginally from KC, and I spent the first seven years of my life there. I now live in MSP. We used to go back to KC three times a year, but I haven't been back in about three years.

My friend and I are planning a BBQ weekend trip to KC. We decided to go with my parents' recommendations of the older (but goodies!) BBQ restaurants: Arthur Bryants, Gates, and Haywards. We might do a second trip later on in the summer for places like Oklahoma Joe's and Jack Stack's.

What I would like to know are recommendations for lunch in the OP and KC area that aren't BBQ. I think we are going to do Winstead's for lunch (I loved it as a kid, there was one right next to my school), but I need recs for other places, preferrably not a national chain. I'm pretty open to anything, sandwich shops, ethnic, whatever. Just so long as it's good and tasty!

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. One Bite Japanese Grill at 132nd and Antioch, in Overland Park, is delightful.
    Blanc Burgers and Bottles, 2 locations, one on Westport Rd. in midtown, and a newer branch at 107th and Mission, in Leawood.
    I also like Habashi House in the City Market, Downtown KC for shwarma, and excellent falafel.

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    1. re: zataar

      Happy to hear One Bite is still in business; think they were struggling a bit last year. We had a good dinner there with nice service.

      1. re: GiGiWy

        One Bite is always a treat. I often wonder
        how they would have fared if they were at
        119th and Nall or Brookside or the KUMED

    2. Chung's Rainbow Restaurant at 103rd and Metcalf has great Korean food. Choga Korean Restaurant AT 105TH & Metcalf.

      Thai Treasure Restaurant in the Stanley area of south Overland Park has the best Thai, but the lunch buffet at Bangkok Pavilion is also good.

      Ruchi Indian Restaurant and Indian Palace are both very good for Indian.

      The Peanut on 127th Street at 127 & Metcal ro 76th & Metcalf has great Buffalo wings.

      Andre’s Confiserie Suisse and Rivaz Tearoom on College Boulevard makes high quality chocolate candies, French pastries & tortes and light authentic Swiss lunches.

      I hope you are not disapointed with Haywards.

      Have fun!

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      1. re: KansasTravel

        I've read some unfavorable reviews on here about Hayward's. I recall it being quite good. Especially the sausage and burnt ends.

        Has it gone down hill in the past few years?

        1. re: seacatte

          Tea room or Sports Bar?
          What about LCs on your BBQ list?

          1. re: seacatte

            I'm no fan of Hayward's, they haven't been good since they left the 95th and Antioch location. They always seem to have a crowd, but to me the barbecue is not very good.

            Best bet in OP is to stick with Oklahoma Joe's or Brobeck's at 105th and Roe.

            1. re: seacatte

              I think it has declined, but am sure there are still many folks that like it.

              It wouldn't be in my top 20 KC BBQ places.

              1. re: seacatte

                I personally reall enjoy Haywards. I will eat there a million times over Gates but that is because I HATE Gates Sauce. I also did not like OK JOe's sides. Their BBQ was pretty good but don't get the beans or slaw. They were nasty, the fries were pretty good though.

                Now my husband likes Gates sauce...and all the other places. He agrees with me regarding the sides at OK JOe's though.

                As for places to have lunch I will have to think about that, but I LOVE Cinzetti's Italian Buffet. I like their dinner's better then lunch, and their brunch on Sat and Sun is pretty good as well. If you want a Sunday brunch place before you head home try the Bristol also. You can make reservations there through Open makes it much easier to get a seat. Hereford House does a pretty good one too, but it changes and I have found my fondness to be inconsistant. But the Bristol is my fav in OP. If you don't mind a short drive to the RiverMarket area go to the Pasta Tasting Trio Brunch at Lydia's. It is south of Downtown KC. It is awesome food and the brunch is I think the best time to go.

                1. re: vmarker

                  It's Lidia's with an I, not a Y and it's in the Crossroads, not the River Market.
                  The poster asked for no chains, Cinzetti's Italian Buffet is a chain.

                  1. re: zataar

                    Damn, Zataar, that's hardcore. True, but hardcore and maybe a bit unwelcoming.

                    I'm a big fan of Sushi House, like a walking advertisement. I love the place. 119th and Roe, on the back side of Town Center Plaza. Tropical Roll is the best.

                    I also like Room 39. There are two locations, one in Leawood and one in KC by the KU Med Center. I especially enjoy breakfast Saturday mornings at the Leawood location. If it's a nice morning you can sit on the covered patio.

                    Finally, I enjoy tapas at La Bodega. They have a great happy hour $13/pitcher of sangria and many wonderful tapas to choose from. I enjoy the Empanada de Lomo Embuchado (Pork, apples, pistachios, chilies and manchengo cheese).

                    Have a wonderful trip to KC. I hope the weather is beautiful when you come. If you have time, I recommend squeezing in Danny Edwards Famous KC BBQ. It's the best!
                    2900 Southwest Blvd
                    Kansas City, MO 64108-3615
                    (816) 283-0880‎

                    1. re: amy_rc

                      I certainly didn't mean to be unwelcoming to anyone. But if someone not from this area is asking for recommendations, perhaps the places recommended should be accurate in location and spelling. The poster also requested that no chain were desired . Cinzetti's is a chain. I wasn't trying to be "hardcore." Just trying to save the original poster some trouble with confusing and inaccurate information.

                      1. re: zataar

                        I second, for various reasons. If you want a tasty independent near OP, Blanc Burgers and Bottles in Mission Farms is a nice choice.

                        1. re: zataar

                          Lidia's is a larger chain than Cinzetti's. So is Arthur Bryants. If you call more than one, a chain.

                      2. re: zataar

                        Some chain, there are only 2 of them in the United states. One here and one in Colorado. In my opinion a chain would need to be more then something you can get in more then two places. As for Lidia's there she owns six places, only two are actually called Lidia's and outside of NYC, there is one location in PA and the one here.

                        And by the zataar, you are kinda rude. Just because she asked for no chains, which I feel these two places are not the same thing as Granite City, Chili's or Applebee's or any other traditional chain. But if you wnt to call Cinzetti's a chain then so is Lidia's.

                        And to the orginal poster of this question, I am sorry if I was confusing on the location. Lidia's is south of downtown, which I mistakenly wrote first the RiverMarket, however did write it correctly in the next sentence. But apparently some of the places I mentioned were not appropriate for your question. I hope you have a lovely visit to KC.

                        1. re: vmarker

                          I apologize for seeming rude. That was not my intention. As I stated above, my post was simply to clarify the spelling and location of a good recommendation for the benefit of the original poster. No ill will was intended. I also was erroneous in stating Cinzetti's was a chain. It was my understanding there were more than two units. Apparently only Colorado and here. I stand corrected and I don't think anyone is being rude to correct me.

                          I'm sure seacatte will have a great time and have some great food. A stop at BoLing's on the Plaza for Dim Sum would be worth considering.

                  2. The OP asked that we not rec national chains. There is a difference between local or even regional chains and national chains, IMO. I get what seacatte is asking. I imagine Cinzetti's (which I haven't eaten at), Bo Ling's, and even Lidia's are all going to fit seacatte's perimeters. Let's stop bickering and help this visitor out, okay?

                    I want to second the rec of One Bite, which is rather unusual for this part of the country. It's an izakaya, sort of like a pub, albeit the atmosphere is decidedly more modern and sleek than at traditional izakayas I've visited on the west coast. The food is consistently good and unlike anything else served at Japanese restaurants here. I also like the recs of Blanc Burgers and Bottles, Ruchi, Paradise India (which is technically in Leawood,) or Korma Sutra for Indian, Choga or Rainbow Restaurant for Korean (Rainbow does the cold arrowroot noodles with spicy sauce (nang myun,) which is so refreshing when it's blazing hot out!) Room 39 in Mission Farms is a great spot for lunch, with a pleasant dining room, airy and a good varied menu featureing local produce. They do a great burger using McGonigle's beef or veggie burger with fantastic crispy fries. If you want sushi, I prefer Kaiyo to Sushi House, but both are good. I like Kaiyo's family run atmosphere, as it feels a little more mom and pop than Sushi House's top down management style. The fish is good at both places.

                    Hope you have a good visit! Report back and let us know what you liked!

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                    1. re: amyzan

                      Wow. Everyone has given great recs, and I've never heard of these places, but like I said, it's been awhile since I've been back to my roots.

                      I'll pass these by my friend and see if we both agree if some sound good.

                      Thanks again everyone!!!

                    2. If you want a really good burger, try Blanc Burger in Westport.

                      1. Check out Grinders in the Crossroads, my favorite place ever!

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                        1. re: hexum311

                          Just ate there last night. Excellent hot wings (but really, really hot). Love the atmosphere. Sit outside if you can there just may be a concert.

                          1. re: amy_rc

                            If you like wings, try one of the Peanut locations.

                            1. re: KansasTravel

                              I don't love the Peanut wings (but I do otherwise love the Peanut). It's been awhile but I think they were too peppery, maybe? Next to Grinder's, my other favorite wings can be found in Lawrence at Jefferson's.