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Jun 16, 2009 10:29 AM

Truffle Hunting in Istria?

I will be in Istria, Croatia in October just in time for white truffles and would love to go on a truffle hunting tour. Thus far, the only luck I have had is through the restaurant Zigante, but was wondering if there are other options that I am missing?

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  1. You can find a licensed hunter through

    1. We've gone in October and it is a fantastic experience! We avoided the group hunts and went with a local guy we found through the TI in Roc. The guy had never taken people before but agreed to it. I would ask around at the TI offices or email them in advance to make arrangements. We went near midnight and literally were blindfolded so we could not find our way back. There were two dogs who sniffed out about 12 truffles. A few were too small (and nicked) to sell for much so we were given those which we had grated over fresh risotto at a restaurant the next day.

      I highly, highly recommend going if at all possible.

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        Chefathome, do you have any more information on who you used for the Truffle Hunt, and how to make arrangements? We're only in Istria for 3 nights, and would prefer to solidify a plan before we leave if possible. We're going in mid-Oct, and can't wait. Thanks for any more advice you can offer. For starters, what's a TI? :)

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          I would avoid Zigante. They are all about mass production these days and even import truffles to supply demand. Unfortunately the guy we used in the past has retired but check with restaurants as they have to use properly licensed people. Maybe post on other travel sites to maximize your replies.

      2. I can help. Send me a mail to