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Jun 16, 2009 09:58 AM

Salt Lick RR vs Driftwood

Hounds, We just moved to RR and not too far away from Dell Diamond, my wife and I have always enjoyed Driftwood location, how is RR location compare to DW location?

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  1. We just went to the Round Rock location last week. While there was very little difference in food, the atmosphere and service were definitely not up to snuff (c'mon, sheesh, they didn't bring sauce to the table, didn't sauce the meat even though we asked them to, and we had to wait another 5 minutes for them to bring us the dang sauce!). If you want the whole experience and don't mind the wait, go to Driftwood. If you want to be seated immediately on a Friday night and get served beer with your meal in a Disney-fied version of the Salt Lick, go to Round Rock.

    1. Been there twice. Nothing but good food and good memories to report. It's especially convenient if you're headed to a baseball game or concert at the Dell Diamond.

      I don't see any reason to disparage the place just because one server may have messed up. If the RR SL is Disneyworld, then Driftwood's is Disneyland.

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        Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear. I was referring to the atmosphere when I said it was Disney-fied. It's all clean and varnished and insulated and the furniture is smooth. Anyway, other tables around us were having problems with their servers as well. I'm only reporting my experiences - glad yours were happier!

        Sure, the RR location has its purpose, and like I said in my post, if you want convenience, go there. But the whole experience is, IMO, still in Driftwood. That's where I'd take my out of town guests.

      2. I haven't been to the Driftwood location since I was little but we went to the Round Rock location last week. Now that it's summer check the RR Express baseball schedule because waits on game nights can be over an hour long.

        1. Just checked my pockets and I still have 2 cents so here it is: There is only one place and one reason to eat Salt Lick Bar B is the quentesential bar b que eperience. Its not the best bbq...I'd call it pedestrian, but there is not one place on God's green earth that more vividly expresses the passion that is Texas Bar B Que than this place when it gets rocking on a steamy Hill Country Saturday night. Stand around in your Wrangler Jeans and your Tony Lama Snake Skin boots and your snap button white shirt sipping on a cool one straigth from cooler that you brought from home, smelling the sweat smoke wafting from those amazing pits and look up at the twinkling stars and smiling moon and well this is what I think the bbq experience is all about. I like the chopped beef sandwich at the Rib King better than anything that comes off the pit at the Salt Lick, but I don't take my friends and relatives from out of town there, I take them to the Salt Lick in Driftwood Texas. Not Round Rock!

          1. The three best things to me about RR: They take credit cards, they serve beer, and I've never had a wait there. The food is the same. When company comes in town, we will drive to Driftwood. But when it's just the wife and I, we head to RR.

            (We went in the winter so no baseball to deal with, and yes, I do enjoy BYOB at Salt Lick on the weekend but sometimes it's a hassle and just easier to order a beer or two)