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Jun 16, 2009 09:56 AM

russian river beers

Where in center city can I buy a six-pack of any of the Russian River beers especially any of the barrel aged: esp Beatification, Consecration, Supplication and Temptation.
or some Pliny the Elder

Thank you

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  1. The foodery should have some of them (No Libs and CC)

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    1. Can't get them over here Joan. RR is a really small brewery (which is operating at capacity) and they don't have much distribution in the East. I know you can find an over priced bomber of Damnation at the foodery, but other than that, you will not find RR (in bottles) on the east coast. Once in a blue moon, places like Devils Alley, Monks, or Teresa's Next Door in Wayne may have a special or get a sixtel or two of Pliny but everyone usually knows about it and the beer goes fast. Had Damnation on tap at Race St about 3 weeks ago and Blind Pig IPA at Local 44 last week. I'd try trading on beeradvocate or look at ebay.

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        The foodery lists a couple on their site (Damnation and Consecration)..not saying they are inexpensive