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Favorite Sausages for a cookout

Our group is doing a sausage tasting and we’re looking for your recs on deli’s/sausage -makers and what to try. We are doing mail order for andouille. there's so much to consider.
What are your favorites? Where do you get them?
Thank, we promise to publish our findings,

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  1. Check out European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen in The Hills of Beverly. I've had killer andouille from them but that was several years ago.

    European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen
    9109 W Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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        I got a variety of sausages from them recently and all were very good.

      2. Veal bratwurst from the Beverly Hills European Sausage Kitchen on Olympic and Doheny: sublime!

        1. Mattern Sausage in Orange - They have these spicy Hungarian sausages, that are soo good on the grill - garlicy and spicy and juicy ! But all their sausages are great.

          Also they make this amazing liverwurst - smoked or unsmoked, it's all good.

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            Totally second Mattern! They make fantastic kolbasz. The general breakdown of the Hungarian sausage (FYI) is: savory=gyulai; spicier=csabai; more garlicky=paraszt. They're all very tasty.

            Also, if you like innards, Mattern makes some of the best hurka I've had since leaving our old Hungarian neighborhood in Jersey. The dark (blood) kind is serious bliss, I mean utter sin on a plate, if you dig organ meats. It's not a griller, because it's a rice sausage, but worth picking up and either break out a pan or save for later.

          2. Sabatino's Italian sausages filled with goat cheese in Newport Beach.

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              THIS. THIS THIS THIS.

              And also bratwurst from Schreiner's (in Montrose, but they'll send things to the Irvine Farmers' Market if you ask).

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                Schreiner's brats, for sure. Poach 'em in beer before you grill 'em ...

                Schreiner's Fine Sausages
                3417 Ocean View Blvd, Glendale, CA 91208

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                    Forget the above recipe, it doesn't grill the brats like this:


              2. I'm partial to Linguica. The best I've found is from Cattaneo Brothers in San Luis Obispo, but it also is available locally by different producers. Great garlic and pork.

                1. I like the sweet & garlicky Philippine tocino from Island Pacific Supermarket in Cerritos. I'll also second the rec for Sabatino's Italian sausage. Brats Brothers in Sherman Oaks also sells several good flavors.

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                    Do any particular flavors come to mind from Brats Borthers?

                  2. I like the sausages at Huntingon Meats in the Farmer's Market on 3rd/Fairfax. Once, they had a lamb mango sausage that was awesome - have sadly never seen it again.

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                      2nd Huntington Meats for good sausages.

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                        Third, Huntington Meats at Third & Fairfax has extraordinary sausages.

                    2. Chicken Hot Links....

                      Money Saver's Meats
                      3233 W Florence Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90043

                      1. Huntington Meats is a great choice. So are other specialty shops, when you have time to use them. But, day to day, you can't beat the Hillshire Farm hot links that are available at most grocery stores. They grill up really well and go with almost everything. But it has to be the small links.

                        1. Continental Gourmet Sausage in Glendale- I like their bratwurst for BBQ'ing, but they got lots of other sausage and frankfurters which they make and are great too.

                          6406 San Fernando Rd
                          Glendale, CA 91201
                          (818) 502-1447

                          1. From the one we did last year, my favorite was the Weisswurst. I also really loved the Chicken and Mango from Huntington Meats in the Farmers market.


                            1. The German butcher at Alpine Village in Torrance. Too many different kinds to mention. That should be your first stop.

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                                I second the Huntington Meats recommendation - I've like every sausage I've ever had there.

                              2. How about the Salvadorenean chorizo that's at a number of Latino markets. I get mine now from the Top Value supermarket on Inglewood so. of Culver in Mar Vista, but they're at most good carnicerias. They're short and plump, and the links are separated by corn husk strips. They turn up in mixed grill dishes at Central American places.

                                Incidentally, this market has some of the best fresh bulk salsa around, at the counter up front.

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                                  Yes ! Those ARE really good !

                                  Also, Argentinian-style chorizo (couldn't say how it differs from the Salvadorean, probably is similar) is delicious, I bought some at El Gaucho Market #2 on State College, in Anaheim.

                                2. Bratwurst from Bristol Farms is surprisingly tasty when grilled properly and served with cold beer. And sauerkraut.

                                  1. We have been getting the Hot and Sweet Italian sausages from Bay Cities in Santa Monica. Grill 'em up with peppers and carmelized onions. Excellent!

                                    1. The Italian sausages, both sweet and spicy, at Monte Carlo's on Magnolia in Burbank are hard to beat. They don't have so much fat that they shrink to half their original size while causing a four alarm fire in your grill. They also have great Burata for those tomato and basil salads.

                                      1. Maybe I didn't read the thread carefully enough buy no one has mentioned Pontrelli & Laricchia's line of Maestro sausages, sold at Sorrento's Italian Market on Sepulveda in Culver City. They are good, and I swear their some fennel/anise in there that gives it a great flavor. There's also a spicy sausage that I haven't tried... yet.


                                        FYI, I think when you order sausages at Sorrento's, they are by default Maestros. So if you get a funny look when asking for Maestro's sausages, don't worry.