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Jun 16, 2009 09:35 AM

Tiki Books

I'm a bit late in jumping on the Tiki Mania bandwagon that seems to be sweeping the nation,but in the hopes of catching up I'm looking for Tiki drink recipe book recommendations.My preference would be a book that is likely to be readily available in a national chain like Borders or B&N.I don't think a book like "Sippin Safari" by Jeff Berry would fall into this category, although I do plan on buying that one online.Are there any books you would suggest with authentic Tiki drink recipes? From what I've read the best ones produce a balanced sweet/tart drink and with summer here I'm ready to get started.

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  1. Try They have a drinks page and also I think they have a forum for tiki drinks and other Polynesian stuff.

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    1. Why does it have to be available at B&N or Borders? Much cheaper to get from Amazon. Then just order any/all of Jeff Berry's books. His are the best, there are few that can compete.

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        Last I checked, Sippin Safari was the only one in print and the others were rather expensive (from individuals, due to them being out of print).

        There are also some really good blogs out there that focus on Tiki drinks. One in particular that I follow is:

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          I wanted to go to the store and browse,but I received two books over the weekend."Tiki Drinks" by Adam Rocke and Trader Vics Tiki Party.They look good but haven't been able to go through them in any detail yet.As I mentioned in my OP,I will order Jeff Berry's " Sippin Safari" online.Do you think this is his best book?

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            It has a rather good history and many good recipes. Regardless of whether its his best, it's the only one currently in print which makes it the best place to start. (His other books can be found on Amazon or at an out-of-print premium, sometimes as much as $100/book).

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              Thanks for the info.Definitely not springing for one of his out-of-print books.

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                No need to bother. He's apparently doing reprints of Grog Log and Intoxica! later this year.

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                  Jeff Berry's books are the best out there. I was able to get Grog Log for under ten dollars from amazon recently. You just have to keep an eye for new used copies being listed at the site.

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                    They might already be out. I got a copy of Grog Log from an Amazon vendor for cover price ($9.95) earlier in the week. It was the only one then, and now they have 7 new copies for $9.95 (with the used ones still being over $60). Did not check for Intoxica yet.

                    We made our first drink from it last night:

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                      Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered mine. I've been working my way through Sippin' Safari for the past few weeks and have found a couple of gems in there (as well, unfortunately, as a few total duds). Tried the Jet Pilot last night, which was pretty good - on the tart/balanced side compared with a lot of the drinks in there, which I definitely appreciate:

                      Jet Pilot

                      1/2 oz fresh lime juice
                      1/2 oz grapefruit juice
                      1/2 oz cinnamon-infused sugar syrup
                      1/2 oz falernum (Fee's)
                      1 oz dark Jamaican rum
                      3/4 oz gold PR rum (I used a Barbados rum instead)
                      3/4 oz Lemon Hart 151
                      Dash Angostura
                      6 drops Pernod (I used Kubler)
                      Crushed ice

                      Blend for 5 seconds at high speed, then pour into an old fashioned glass.

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                        They still have it up, and it qualifies for the super saver shipping

            2. I have the Trader Vic cookbook - a cute, little colorful cookbook w/ food recipes, too. Some history on Trader Vic's too. They have LOTS of Tiki drinks and tips how to make them (Hint: measure everything!).
              Gun Club Punch is a favorite.
              The food recipes look great and fun.

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                Can you share the recipe for the punch?