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Jun 16, 2009 08:56 AM

Can Creme Fraiche substitute for cream cheese?

I want to make a cookie recipe (lemon cheesecake tassies) and it calls for cream cheese. I happen to have a ton on creme fraiche left over from a couple of weeks ago, and was wondering if I could use it in place of the cream cheese. If not, does anyone have any cookie/brownie/mini cakes recipes that use creme fraiche? I'm making a lot of small desserts for a BBQ on Saturday, and I'd love to find a way to incorporate ithe creme fraiche before it goes bad...

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  1. I would definitely use the creme fraiche (but are you sure it's still fresh, after a couple of weeks?). Since I cant get sour cream where I live, I buy either creme fraiche or whole greek yogurt as a substitute, and the taste is similar. I know that there several dessert recipes that use sour the sour cream pound cake my grandmother would make. The taste is very similar to cream cheese...with the creme fraiche being just slightly more tangy.

    1. While I've never tried it, I don't think creme fraiche would make an acceptable substitute for cream cheese. Sour cream, yes. Cream cheese, I don't think so. The structure is too different.

      1. i have a great pound cake that typically uses sour cream. you could try the creme fraiche, and even try making it in cupcake or mini muffin pans.

        here's the recipe:

        here's a sour cream cookie recipe:

        OH GOODNESS, here's what you've got to make, lemon cake cookies:
        from a show dedicated to creme fraiche on food network. (the recipe allows one to substitute sour cream for creme fraiche, so.... they seem to be equal in this application -- and many others i suspect).

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          OK, so I guess that creme fraiche is substitutable for sour cream. That's good to know. Those cookies look great -- a lot like an Italian cookie I make, but richer. Thanks.

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            roxlet, you'll still get the lemon-y thing goin' on (like your tassies), but get to use up your creme fraiche. my mom loves lemon stuff, so i have to keep this recipe and make these for her ('cause she's a big snacker after her naps. ;-).

            have fun at your bbq!

        2. While I wouldn't sub creme fraiche for cream cheese in baking, creme fraiche is excellent as a spread on something like banana bread.

          1. Hey guys! First of all, the main difference between crème fraîche and sour cream is that sour cream is more sour. Crème fraîche in fact has a slightly sour flavor. Now.....take either sour cream or crème fraîche, line a colander with a sheet of paper towel, and put the cream in it and leave in the fridge until liquid has drained. Voilà something thick that tastes like cream cheese!!! I don't know what the chemical composition might be....I just know it works.