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Jun 16, 2009 08:50 AM

Il Bellagio at CityPlace in WPB. Yes or No?

So CityPlace is a little more shiny than I'd usually go for, but how's the food at Il Bellagio? I've seen reviews that are all over the place. If not, what's the best Italian in West Palm?

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  1. Its ok i would not say its the best but its a nice place to eat a people watch For good food try Ristorante Sapori 99 Royal Palm Plaza Boca Raton

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    1. re: makymark02

      Thanks! I was afraid there were no WPB hounds on this board this week! Unfortunately, we'll be driving down from Fort Pierce for the evening, and Boca is just toooo far. I will definitely put it in the queue tho.

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        So very sad to see that it appears Capri Blu has disappeared...

      2. Maybe someone can speak up about Stresa (Italian) or Dolce de Palma (Mediterranean/Italian) , two places that received very good reviews from the Palm Beach Post. FYI, I have never been to either one.

        Search for these reviews.

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          I adore Stressa. Their broccoli rabe is devine, love the vibe there. Seriously considered it for this dinner...

        2. Paradisio in Lake Worth is an interesting choice. If you put your self in their hands and let them bring you what they want (they discuss with you first your likes/dislikes) you can have a fabulous dinner. Each time I've done that with other people, the meal was top notch. However, I've also been there and just ordered off the menu, which resulted in an okay but nothing special kind of dinner, which I wouldn't recommend. The prices are a bit on the high side, but well worth it if you let them choose for you.

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            ah. nice rec. I will definitely do that with a small group sometime. (We are travelling with 11 this time!)