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Rehearsal dinner in new orleans

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My fiance' and i are getting married in NOLA either next spring or in the fall. We're hoping for a spring wedding so we can do a crawfish boil for the rehearsal dinner. I know there are plenty of caterers to do a boil but any suggestions on where? We'd like it outside in the evening but we want to be able to play music, not worry about bugs, and not have it be too far from hotels where people are staying at.... any suggestions?? thanks

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  1. Southport Hall on River Rd is open for private functions. They also have live music, if you want to hire local musicians.

    also check out Rock and Bowl


    1. City Park could be a great venue for both the rehearsal dinner and/or reception. There are beautiful pavillions throughout the park.

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        thanks for responding! I'll check those places out.

        1. re: ScarlettNola

          City Park yes! The functions there, especially at dusk, are beautiful. Last one I went to you could go inside or sit outside. No bugs either.

        2. Just to add a few options-Audubon Park Uptown is lovely as well and Jackson Square would be a great place for a reception IMHO. There are so many beautiful restaurant and hotel courtyards that you could utilize, depending on your budget and the size of the wedding party.

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            Have you, by chance, done the Audubon Tea Room. My wife remember the original, and we stopped by. I picked up their literature and saw that they did events. It looked like one could open the doors to the outer patio area, but I did not explore that option. I know nothing about their food though.

            Just curious,


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              I did go to a luncheon there-but the food was not all that memorable. The space is beautiful, but we only had tea sandwiches and light food, so I guess the dinner food could be better.

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                Thank you. Other than my wife having tea there in her youth, we have no experience. It looked good, and the brochures said some of the right things. However, I've been in advertising for long enough to know what a good copywriter can do. Glad that I asked, before making a recommendation, which I am loathe to do, if I have not dined personally.



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                  I wish I knew more about the food, but I guess I can't pass much of a judgment based on a standard luncheon. Perhaps they would do a tasting if someone wished to book this venue. When we plan our Christmas party, I always ask for a tasting sample of the fare. In most cases it is offered when wishing to book an upscale venue, especially for weddings.

                  1. re: ScarlettNola

                    We do the same for our charity events. Often, we'll have 4-5 dishes for each course to choose from. Usually, all are good, but then some stand out - just like the wines.

                    However most often one only has the actual events to decide on. If the host/hostess chose badly, that can be one thing. If the budget did not allow for more than Krystal burgers and chips, then that should not be counted. If the event was properly planned, then it's up to the kitchen to provide. Sounds like that might have been beyond their capabilities, and in NOLA, that is just not acceptable.

                    Thanks for sharing,


          2. Can somebody share recommendations for crawfish caterers? I'm hoping to host my husband's 40th birthday weekend in NO and want to do a crawfish boil on the first night we're there.

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              When will you be here, it's very late in crawfish season right now.

              1. re: roro1831

                It'll be the beginning of April. Spring is crawfish season right?

                1. re: KateMW

                  Yes, you will be fine. I know of a couple of people that cater crawfish boils, email me at roro1831@hotmail.com and I will get you the contact info.

                  1. re: KateMW

                    I think k-Jeans on Carrollton will cater a crawfish boil. Theirs are very well seasoned. Regardless of cater, be sure to specify "select". These will be the largest and well worth the extra money.

                    1. re: JazzyB

                      City Park under the trees could be quite for a crawfish boil. Both K-Jeans and Mr. Mudbug are very good. Thank you for choosing our great city as your destination to celebrate!