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Jun 16, 2009 08:23 AM

Real Delis in Bergen County - are they a dying breed?

I have fond memories of the Waldwick deli, and would be interested to know what good delis there are left in Bergen County - German, Italian, Jewish, Polish, anything! Would especially be interested in Italian delis that offer fresh pasta, gnocchi, or cavatelli. Thanks in advance.

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  1. You are going to receive a lot of recommendations for Vitamia in Lodi, especially for their pasta products, but while it is an Italian deli that provides nice products and services, I would tell you they are very expensive as well for what is provided. I would also include Bartolomeo and Jerry's, both in Englewood in the same camp. There's a place in Waldwick called Itallian Riviera that gets love on this board, but I have not been to the location.

    Here's a list of very good to great delis in addtion to the ones mentioned above, IMHO:

    Valente, Fairview
    Visentini Bros., Lodi
    Mela, Garfield
    Latona, Garfield
    Clememte, South Hackensack
    Piccolo Gastronomia Italiana, Ridgefield

    Piast, Garfield
    Golden Eagle, Garfield
    Super Deli, Wallington

    Kochers, Ridgefield

    Foster Village Delicatessen
    Sol 'n' Sol, Englewood
    Kosher Nosh, Glen Rock
    Harold's II Kosher Superrette, Paramus

    Denaro's Dumont


    Picnic Caterers, Emerson
    Cafasso's Fairway Market, Fort Lee

    There's a couple of places in Closter that some have mentioned on this site. One I believe is Isabella's, the other, the name escapes me at the moment. There's two in Northvale/Norwood, but I was not impressed with either. These will get you started for now. If I can think of others or remember the names of the ones I missed, I'll report back.

    1. The Kosher Nosh in Glen Rock is outstanding IMO.

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        When I think of Delis I long for homemade salads and soups. Hard to find these days. Wilkes on Glen Ave in Ridgewood (NOT affiliated with other Wilkes) has the best German Potato salad I've found recently. Soups, well, that's daunting...