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B'fast along 95/CT


We are heading up 95 to Cape Cod this Saturday and want to stop along the way for breakfast somewhere close to 95. Please suggest great breakfast locations along the way. We are leaving from Riverdale so we will want to stop for breakfast in CT. Westchester might be too early for breakfast.

All suggestions appreciated.


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  1. The Pantry on Mechanic St in New Haven makes a nice breakfast, pancakes, usually a few kinds of eggs Benedict.. Not exactly what I would call easy on/off though.

    1. ALWAYS love the Cracker Barrel - !!!!

      Its off Exit 40 in Milford - - off the exit ramp . make a right then a left up the hill !

      They have a breakfast item for everyone and are great for small to large groups for a well priced breakfast meal on the road !

      Me - - I love the biscuits and gravy for a vacation on the road breakfast !

      But hey have all your basic eggs, waflles etc avaliable

      I would guess its about 30-35 miles from the NY border as you enter CT on I95

      1. There are dozens of diners right off 95 in Connecticut. Most of them are quite good, especially for breakfast. A lot of them have signs on the highway, so you can wait until you're hungry and just hit the next one. Just avoid Equinox diners.
        Half the exits in the state put you on Route 1, which is where most of the diners are. Since exits are less than a mile apart for much of southwestern Connecticut, with some of the diners, the best thing to do is get off one exit, get your food, then continue on Route 1 to the next exit.
        Here are two of my favorites:
        Sherwood Diner, 901 Post Rd E (Route 1), Westport - between exits 18 and 19
        Kimberly Diner, 459 Boston Post Rd (Route 1), Milford - between exits 36 and 37

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          I added your two diners to my map. Thanks!
          There are two pages! Don't forget the second one because they are in alphibetical order.
          For breakfast/lunch specific places look for blue balloons without a black dot .

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            Really enjoy your reviews on this board and I respect your opinions. Equinox just opened a diner in Mystic. I haven't been but was considering having lunch there. What are your issues with Equinox? I've never been to one of their places.

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              There's just something off about Equinox. They have a big menu, but it is almost like they're trying to be a diner and a deli, and throwing in modern trends like paninis, wraps, Thai chicken and teriyaki chicken salads, stuff I'm sure they buy frozen like pot stickers and quesadilla egg rolls, and on and on. They're missing many diner staples like triple decker clubs or anything Greek.
              Now, I could swallow this different style of diner than I'm used to if the food was good. I'm only been once, so I'm judging based on one plate of food, but that plate was lacking. I got eggs up with corned beef hash. If I order breakfast at a diner in the Northeast, this is what I order, except on the rare occasion I want pancakes. So, I've eaten a lot of corned beef hash in my life, and this is the first time I've ever had to add salt to it. I don't really understand how you accomplish undersalted corned beef hash, but hey, I guess at least it didn't come out of a can. The home fries were totally bland. The eggs were cooked properly but they didn't taste especially fresh. Less than perfectly fresh eggs is not the end of the world, but diners go through so many eggs in a day that I just expect the eggs to be really fresh. It wasn't terrible food by any stretch, and if it was the only diner for miles, I'd eat there again. But with so many diners within a few miles, why bother? In a way, it sort of left me with the impression of being the TGI Fridays of diners.

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                I have a funny Equinox/Orange, CT story - - - I got the grossest pancakes there--they were all hard on the top, so I asked the waiter, "Are your pancakes normally hard like this?" (as I tap on them with my fork). His reply: "Yes, during this time of the day, they are." I was like, Huh???? It was morning rush. So gross.

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                Both excellent diners, but the "Hello nice people" lady at Kimberly tips the scales in their favor. In my book, anyway. She's a trip, and the food is very good. A couple weeks back, I had the best bacon there - it reminded me of some excellent stuff I'd had a while back at Jackie's in Bantam and never expected to encounter in a Post Road diner.

              3. If you are near exit 65, the Muffin Korner restaurant 1/2 mile south on 153 in Westbrook has excellent ham biscuits, and (as the name implies) muffins.

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                  From the Internet, RE, Muffin Korner: On a corner of Westbrook green. Small and a bit cramped inside. Great omelets, pancakes and the usual breakfasts of egg, bacon and sausage. Nothing exotic, just good breakfast fare and muffins.

                2. 3 or 4 blocks from exit 54 in Branford is IMHO one of the best breakfast places around, the Waiting Station.
                  Its on the Green in downtown Branford featuring great muffins and omelets. Sometimes there's a wait on the weekend but its always worth it. Ask for Dori, she's on of the best wait persons around.

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                    And just a little further off the road in Branford is Meadow Muffins, 201 meadow Street, aka breakfast paradise. Just not on weekends, when the lines are too long.

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                      Ewww! That name should go on the thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/536969
                      No matter how tempting the combination, I think they should have passed on that one. I've stepped in too many! They could have named it "Meadow Street Muffins and More".

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                        Well, maybe, but we didn't call them that in Wisconsin when I was growing up. In any case, the excellence of the breakfast offerings more than makes up for any qualms you might have about the name....

                  2. Whenever we pass through CT along I-95, we make it a point to stop at the Coffee Break in on 19 East Main St in Clinton (about 2 miles south at exit 63 (left at the light in town & about 1/4 mile on the left). A classic, small town coffee shop with a counter & tables that has a typical, somewhat expanded breakfast menu with excellent service and reasonable pricing. As much as we like diners, we find it superior to typical diner fare.

                    1. I should have added they have excellent blueberry pancakes & will substitute a fresh fruit assortment (typically slices of orange, cantaloupe, pineapple & honey dew melon) for the home fries which are not really worth getting. I usually get their Breakfast Break which is chopped ham in scrambled eggs with the fresh fruit and a grilled hard roll.

                      1. thanks everyone; this is great.

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                          I have added all suggestions to my two page map so you can visually compare locations (notes, addresses and contact info is there, too). http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&...
                          PS: you're welcome and thanks everyone else for input for the map.

                        2. Quite late to the party here, but we had breakfast this am at "The Corner Restaurant" on River St in Milford. A really great breakfast! I had Crab cake Benedict (served with excellent homefries), while my DC had "The Mexican breakfast"- essentially a large, grilled, breakfast burrito with black beans, onions, peppers, scrambled eggs and cheese, served with the aforementioned homefries, salsa and sour cream ($25 incl tax, coffee for him and iced tea for me). We instantly decided to put this cute little place "into the rotation" of our regular spots, based on the quality of this meal, and the rest of the interesting and inventive breakfast and lunch menu and specials. Our other fave breakfast spot, with easier access to 95(exit 34, turn left at the bottom of the ramp, its in the Sun Nails plaza on the right), is the Waterview(no, there's is no view of water or anything else, unless the parking lot & Rte 1 count!)- they have the best eggs benedict in the area, imho, and great pancakes and waffles.

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                            I second The Corner--I love their tasso wrap special. I also adore Rena at The Kimberly but sometimes her coffee just kills us--Marie is my favorite server there. Rena charges you whatever she feels like at that moment, but is good to her customers and works very hard. I still adore Chips in Orange, CT--George and Dena the Greek brother/sister owners have carried on the Chip tradition, only changing the menu for the better, renovated the restaurant nicely, are both excellent community servants (always giving back), and I don't care what anyone says, their pancakes are still the best, lightest most delicious--not counting the specialty ones loaded with cream and chocolate and shots and all that other goop. And the line out the door always moves swiftly. The other day, I had an incredible hawaiian french toast special served with fresh raspberries and blackberries that was so good; the bread was like a brioche--YUMMY. http://www.chipsrest.com/

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                              I just wanted to update that my local paper reported that the Connecticut Magazine voted Chip's pancakes (Orange, CT) Best in Connecticut. Way to Go George!

                          2. Kitchen Little in Mystic. Halfway between Riverdale and the Cape. Take Exit 90 to 27 South, it's right there on 27 between 95 and Route 1.

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                              Not having been, I hate to be a contrarian.
                              Some have said, "There can be lines, weekend or not". Also said was, "parking is a problem". You have to get it to go, I presume (?), if the weather is not nice and IF there is not any seating.

                              I wanted to go there till I read all the different comments. Now I am thinking, "When will I arrive there, will there be a line and where do I park and where do I eat?" This is a concern for me (and SO). I don't want it to be like a McDonald's drive-thru where we eat in the car using styrofoam... even if the quality is good or it is kitschy!
                              I think someone who's been there with a fully informative disclaimer/caveat is needed.

                            2. I love love love Chips in Orange on Rt. 1. My favorite is the spinach omelet w/home fries. The partner adores the western potato tomato omelet. Chips makes me miss living in the area!